week I interviewed Dr. Michael Masters, who has published a book suggesting
that UFOs are the result of time traveling humans, at least in part. He has

Dr. Michael Masters

based on the evidence gathered 2018 UFO researchers and the US military, that the
descriptions of the “aliens” is more in line with human evolution than with
alien creatures. While he does concede that evolution on another world, in environments
similar to Earth, might generate similar forms, the more likely explanation is
that the beings that have been reported are evolved humans. That leads us to
time travel. You can listen to the discussion here:

do explore some of the anthropological evidence of earlier visitation and do
examine the “Butterfly Effect.” This is, of course, the theory that Ray
Bradbury purposed in a short story. Even the slightest change in the past could
radically alter the future as the effects spread out like the waves formed when
a rock is tossed into a pond. Time travel is a topic that presents all sorts of
opportunity for wild thought. With Robert Charles Cornett, I wrote three science
fiction novels that dealt with time travel beginning with Remember the Alamo!.

also talked about his introduction into the world of UFOs, and how he began to
develop his theory. Naturally, an hour seemed to be too short for us to get
into the depth of his research and his theory. His book is Identified Flying Objects and can be found on all the normal

week, I’ll talk with Terry Lovelace, a retired attorney who will tell us about
his lifetime of UFO experiences and abduction. In an interesting contrast, Lovelace
will talk about the stigma he and his family faced because of his claims while
Masters and his family weren’t ridiculed for their (his father’s actually)
sighting. Two different experiences that tell us something about the history of

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