Since January 2016 the WX Network’s have been a “one-man road show”! I have shown mostly the “cons” of being a company builder starting from scratch, without a penny in my pocket.

I got the idea from American Success stories, although my story wasn’t a “gig” and it wasn’t sponsored through a holy plan and I haven’t yet become a millionaire.  

The thing that is changing now, is that I am leaving my network alone to grow. Just like a parent, I set the foundation and now the time has come for it to use its wings and fly. That mean, I’m backing off to Icepi Paparazzi, which will be my home for the coming 1 year.

From Icepi I will sell advertising on the networks, I will monitor them, I will sell articles, books, IT support, webdesign, graphic design, marketing, market servey’s and market research!

Some of you remember that I “cleaned my desk” not long ago. In my world, that mean “positive changes”. We have one so far, it is time to clean out and up the mess around us. Just like a carpenter really. Bring the tools, the wood and your skills and start making something awesome! When we’re done, we made a huge mess around us. The mess in itself are not why we started but it surely feel devastating when it’s not quit clear as “sawdust”. 

That’s when the magic happens!

Suddenly we get the urge to clean, and it is now that what we built are up to the test. If still stands, still are there after we cleaned up and don’t look like a late Picasso, we know we really succeeded!

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So, from here on I will talk to you from Icepi Paparazzi’s blog! That do not mean I’am not checking in on my Facebook and friends, this only mean I am streamlining my hours throughout the day! *Thumbs up*!

Two hours off for me, my kids, my grandkids and my dog -are two hours in heaven!

//Christine CEO and founder for WX Networks!

“We’re” Changing!

Do you agree that cleaning is a kind of aknowledgement presuccess?

Thank you for the vote!

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