UFO “Jelly Fish” Turned Out To Be A Weapon!

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Seeing is believing

The feeling of believing what we see, we all know of! I can’t see Santa Claus, and he doesn’t exist, so therefor I am correct. I can’t see God either, but he do exist anyway – so that must be proof enough of Alien! I saw what I saw and that I didn’t see must therefore be what I believe it should be!

Linenger admitted to seeing a couple of bizarre objects or unexplained matters in the course of his five-month live in space. He recalled how he and colleagues should most effective guess and ask among themselves what they witnessed. He claimed to have visible stuff that made him name his crew mates over. Along with two Russian crew mates, he spent 5 months at the SS Mir, which changed into located 50 million miles above Earth while orbiting the planet 2,000 miles. On his blog ET Database, he writes about the supposed unidentified object that he describes as «black lightning bolt UFO.» He claims that he has by no means regarded anything of this shape and deems it uncommon. Apparently, what he claims to be the a hundred percent evidence, unraveled whilst he enlarged the picture and zoomed into it. «I enlarged it and placed it into auto focus and located some thing great. There was a black lightning bolt UFO inside the lower right-hand corner of the image. I actually have never ever stated a UFO of this form. It’s very uncommon and unlike whatever I had come to anticipate. And but, there it is, above the sunset clouds in earth’s orbit on a NASA internet site,» he defined. «This is 100% proof of the existence of clever extraterrestrial beings looking over earth,» he is going on to assert. While a few praised him for his discovery, others spoke back disapprovingly.

Another story punched a whole…

Skywatchers in Russia had been reporting sights of a weird ‘shuttlecock-fashioned’ UFO flashing via the nighttime. Initially, it turned into feared the item – passing over the Urals and Volga areasturned into a meteorite.

Social media across numerous time zones in Russia and also Kazakhstan became buzzing with awe-inspiring photographs of the mysterious item as it streaked overhead inside the early nighttime. Later it has become clear that the UFO become not aliens or a lump of space rock however a test launch of a Topol-M intercontinental ballistic rocket through Vladimir Putin’s strategic missile forces.

Footage showed the release from the Kapustin Yar firing range in Astrakhan area, claimed the Russian defence ministry. It hit a target at the Sary Shagan anti-ballistic missile web page in Kazakhstan in a ‘a hitcheck, consistent with officers. Topol missile seen in Chelyabinsk The missile become seen over Chelyabinsk, Russia The timings of the missile test matched the sightings of the uncommonitemwithin the sky.

At first it turned into only a bright spot, then it flashed to the proper like a massive torch, made a mild ‘fart’ – sorry I can’t discover a better word – and just vanished. ’ In Chelyabinsk – hit by means of a major meteorite in 2013 – residents described the object as a ‘flying jellyfish’. Topol missile release at Kapustin Yar A Topol missile launch at Kapustin Yar The Topol-M is a strategic intercontinental ballistic missile machine developed on the cease of the Soviet generation. It is capable of carrying an 800-kilotonne warhead with the adverse electricity of 800,000 tonnes of TNT. That’s 40times the destructive electricity of the atomic bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan in 1945.

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