“TREE” Mama is slipping away – Part 4 💧

“TREE” Mama is slipping away – Part 4 💧

Mama’s slowly slipping away

Before Magnus went to school this day, grandma came and sat next to him at the kitchen table. She holds a cup of coffee with both hands and Magnus can see she is trembling, something was wrong. -Magnus, grandma says, mom is slipping away from us more and more. -Yesterday the doctor called and told me that Mary Anne had eaten too much of her medicine. -She have had very tough years hun… Grandma turned her eyes up toward the ceiling and blinked away tears that were filling up.

Grandma strained herself -Ann Marie said she didn’t take any tablets at all, but the doctor found several pieces in her hand when she was unconscious.

-“I’m going to visit mom this afternoon and it would be great if you also came” Magnus said nothing but the lump in the stomach grew so much it became hard to breathe.

The day before this at Misty Lantern, Mary Annes doctor, Dr Aspen, had a very long conversation with her. Henry Aspen, psychologist and professor of psychology to the profession, wanted to gather all facts he had about Mary Anne’s disease for the past 20 years. She hadn’t always been enrolled in Misty Lantern or as a patient to him during this time. He was an old man today and if he could wish for anything in the universe, he would wish for Mary Anne to recover. Something about her made him feel, that she wasn’t suffering from Schizophrenia, even though all evidence was pointing that way. He couldn’t put his finger on what was wrong. 

Dr Aspen tries the word “healthy” in different angles as he lean back in his chair and dreamy look through the window of Misty Lantern, the mansion. “Healthy” is word for someone who is complete without deviations from being complete. He played back the recording from the morning on his computer:

“… are anyone with you today, Mary Anne?

-Yes, -the mean old lady -she’s sitting in the chair next to me!

-Is her name Mean old Lady?

-No, her name is Scream!

-What is she doing now?

-He reads a book as usual.

Can she tell me why she’s here?


-Should I talk to you or to Scream directly, Mary Anne?

-Scream asks if it wouldn’t fell awkward for you to talk to a chair?

-Well, then I ask you and you tell me what or how she’s responding?

-Yes, that will be fine.

-Ask her why she has come to us.

-Scream says that .. (quiet) … they can not have come to us, because they don’t exist to you!

-Oh, that’s clever! Then can she explain why you can see her then?

-She corrects you and says “them, I see them” not just her.

-Okay, so why do you see them then?

-She says you and everyone else have been in her world at least once in your life and that it’s a heavenly jump from reality to hell!

-But, I have never seen her, how can that be?

-She says you have….she says, most people have sense enough to shut the door behind themselves!

-Is it a door she’s talking about? -Is there’s a door to her.

-Just figuratively, she says.

-How did I close my door then?

-He says you did not.

-Then what did I do, Mary Anne?

-She says you replaced it with another.

-What does she mean by that?

-You replaced it with her with a ghost.

-dr Aspen…please let us stop, she’s becoming angry, don’t ask more. There is a risk that you will open your door as well!

-Mary Anne, if I can’t get to know those who are bothering you, I can’t help you either.


-So… what does she mean by replacing the door to her against a door to the ghost?

(Mary Anne sigh deeply)

-She says you believe in ghosts and ask you what’s difference?

-Why does she believe I believe in ghosts?

-She just laughs now and looks down in her book.

– Will she not answer?


-Do she want me to answer her question first?


-I can not say I believe in the ghosts.

-She asks if you do not miss your dead wife.

-Yes I do. Why does she want to know?

-She asks if you understand she’s dead.

-What? Yes, I understand she’s dead.

-She asks how it feel to lose someone.

-Mary Anne …?

-She asks again.

-I have her in my heart and she’s always there.

… (The window in Mary Anne’s room flies open with a bang and Dr. Aspen rise from his chair to close it.) From the windowsill, Mary Anne’s crossword magazine flew down, and dr Aspen read the line that goes across the middle section “Close the door”) … “

Dr Aspen feel a discomfort and end the conversation with Mary Anne Anne. He takes two pills out from the medicine cabinet and tell Mary Anne that this new medicine can help her, it has previously been used on war veterans against psychoses and delusions. -Sometimes it have had a good effect. Dr Aspen also says that it is voluntary if she wants to take them. -You can only try and hope for the best, that’s where we are right now! He nods to the empty chair before he leaves.

Dr. Aspen turn the recording off and rubbed his temples as if he had a severe headache. How Mary Anne got to the rest of all the pills in the locked medicine cabinet was beyond his understanding. It had been locked the whole time!

An ugly kiss

Linda sat next to Magnus in the grass. -God, how nice it feels with a few days of sunshine after all this rain! She says while watching the birds that still haven’t migrated out south at the lakeshore. Magnus looked at Linda and bit his lip before asking, -why don’t you want to see me like everyone else? -Why can’t you look at the drawings I draw? Linda rubs her sneakers in the grass….

-Because I want to know you for who you really are, she says as she watch her sneakers shine in the autumn sun.

Magnus put his jacket on again and prepare to leave when Linda grab his arm. Reluctantly she finally come to say what she had planned all the time in the park, she stumbles on the words but throws herself out there, -I like you the way you are and I don’t believe only in what I see, I believe in what I feel too, do you understand? She stretches out her hand and gently touches the tooth on Magnus’s head. Magnus backs off and look at her as if she just said something stupid! 

-You’re right! -Linda, I have to try something, -kiss me! Now Linda backed away, this was the moment she’d feared. Linda had kissed guys before, but never someone she was in love with and thought was much too ugly in the same time. -What if I don’t like you anymore after the kiss? Linda asked. Magnus looks at her, -that’s a chance I can take, he says!

In the park under the big Oak tree, Matilda and Lena sat. They were waiting for Linda to make a move and observed what was going on as if they would have been at the movies. Even though Magnus was “a-tooth-in-the-head-Magnus”, they strangely enough understood why Linda had fallen in love. It was impossible not to like him. 

Suddenly they see Linda lean toward Magnus, make a funny face, squint her eyes and pout her lips…

-Nooooo, Lena cry out! -She’s going to kiss him! Lena and Matilda’s eyes grow wide like big like saucers and the whole world is set in slow motion, they can barely breathe. Magnus leans forward and answers the kiss! After a while they see how Linda opens her eyes and the suspense are killing them, how will she react…

Linda looks at Magnus with her mouth open wide, carefully she run her fingers through his thick and lustrous hair and gently touch his lips -Yuuck! Echoes all the way from the oak tree. The other girls still can’t see Magnus, while Lindas love must have broken the spell. Then Linda threw herself around Magnus’s neck and kissed him all over her face. Matilda just stares as if she were in trance and Lena over dramatises as usual and throws herself back in the grass and bellow’s -yaaaak! Again.

Magnus asks Linda completely bowled, -how do I look? -You are just so handsome!!! Linda is out of breath, she never realized that this was what the others saw that flirted with him. -Good, Magnus says, then I know my theory is correct! I asked you to kiss me only for you to try your feelings for me. And it worked, you broke the spell and magic are real! -That mean it would work on mom too! Linda looks baffled at Magnus -you gonna kiss your mother?

He put the jacket on and swing the little suitcase over his shoulder, he squint at Linda -noooo, I think I know how to save mom, he says and began to run.

-Wait, wait for me! -Where are you going, Linda calls to Magnus. -To the Misty Lantern, where mom is! -But wait, it’s a long way, can’t we catch the bus? Linda cries. Magnus don’t have time, he knows that it takes too long with all the bus stops on the road. Linda waves goodbye to the girls and run after Magnus. While trying to catch her breath, she asks what’s wrong with Magnus’s mom. I will tell you the whole story on the way over.