“TREE” A contagious Plan – Part 3 🦟

“TREE” A contagious Plan – Part 3 🦟

Contagious plan

Have you ever been to a ball at a castle, or at least fantasized about one? Then you should know how the prince is the hottest guy there and the future princess (me) is the girl who knocks everyone unconscious through envy of her beauty. But, when the prince looks like a frog and the princess is still is the beauty, then they can’t possibly become an item, can they?  -Oooh … Linda don’t like that she is trying to figure out how she and Magnus can match together. -It isn’t possible, it would be a abomination, she decides!

As usual, before the autumn break the school have a public party with shows and speeches, it is a school tradition for all major holidays and leaves. Students and parents gather in the school sports hall. The platform takes 600 people but there were only 439 students in the school, plus 28 teachers and the principal. Sometimes it felt like lucky that there were not so many students, sometimes it felt silly that all parents couldn’t fit. Today was a torment and 400 of the school’s students were here with their parents to celebrate the autumn holiday.

Matilda had decided that she would put on a Star Wars matinee on the big screen that her mother fixed, Robert in eighth grade who had a very strange sense of humor and always was in trouble for something, would pretend to dance “naked” with fluorescent color on certain parts of his body when the lights went out. The teachers thought he would be performing a chemistry experiment! The seven-graders would tell about autumn and yeah, so far all was fun. 

Between each show the headmaster would have a long speech that could make any fifteen year old want to leave school and never come back and today, the show before headmaster’s last speech, Matilda was to release her vicious plan! Linda fidgeted, oh how uncomfortable she felt!

When all the performances were over, Matilda enters the stage again. She waves to all classmates who enthusiastically waved back, they knew she had something up her sleeve. Matilda straighten her baseball cap and takes to the microphone. The teachers look surprised at each other. They had all prepared to go home soon. 

-This Is a small surprise, Matilda says with a devilish smile. First she pretends to be conscious about all people looking and as if she was terribly shy, Matilda looks down at floor. Then she takes her presence back and sweeps the audience like a magician in his greatest performance. Soon she found her victim -the day before our autumn holiday, Matilda grins -our newest classmate in ninth grade  “a-tooth-in-the-head-Magnus” will sing R.Kelly to us -“I Believe I Can Fly”! Then she began to clap her hands, and everyone else rise and do the same.

Linda crawl down in her chair, trying to become as small as she possibly can. -God how mean Matilda can be, she thinks! Lena are sitting next to Linda and are watching Matilda wide-eyed with amazement and ask -does Magnus sing? Linda looks at Lena as if she completely lost her marbles. -No, Lena I do not think he can sing, this was what Matilda planned last week. -I do not even think Magnus knew anything!

On the viewers platform, and on the seventh row to the left, from the bottom and up, Magnus sat and was utterly surprised! He knew nothing of course. He lift his bushy eyebrows and looks around. Then… all of a sudden, he rise from where he sat, to the audience cheering. 

-I don’t believe this is happening, Linda coughs! and sink even further down in her chair. 

Magnus walks down the stairs between the rows of seats and just before he left the audience platform, he turns around and wave to Linda. Linda almost chokes on her chewing gum and takes her new short red coat, the one she got from mom and dad for being stressed out by the English teacher and place it over her head. Lena who is watching Linda burst out in a high tone -wow, he’s waving at you, she says and smile!

Half of all students who were there started to laugh, they apparently enjoyed Matilda’s low humor. The other half seemed impressed and hysterically clapped their hands. Linda scuffs herself up a little bit in the chair. She never realized before how many people actually like him! 

Magnus enter the stage, and take the microphone from Matilda. Against her will, he bows a little bit and kisses her on the cheek -thank you sweety, I thought you forgot about me!

The students laugh a little at the comment. Magnus takes a deep breath and starts to laugh too … he looks out over the sea of people, -are you prepared, he shouts! Everyone seemed to have been waiting for Magnus performance as if he was the main act all this time. Everyone screamed as if they were in a concert. Linda peering under her cloak can hear a few people whisper about Magnus ugly appearance and from comments, the taunting became attacks and suddenly Linda loses it! She flips from her chair and sizzles between her teeth -so what have you ever accomplished in your pathetic lives?

No one really knew to whom she’d dropped the bomb at, but it did become quiet. Softley Magnus began to to sing … “I use to think that I could not go on… And life was nothing but an awful song…”. Linda sat completely silent, everyone in the entire sports hall became dead silent! -Oh my dear, he have an incredible voice, Linda whispered. 

“…there are miracles in life I must achieve … But now I know the meaning of true love…if I can see it, then I can do it…if I just believe it, there’s nothing to it…”. For the first time, Linda can feel it clearly through her whole body, she has fallen in love and she is more in love than she had even dreamed of! Miss Anderson in the bottom row sighs out loud -ohhhh…! When she heard Magnus sing the last verse.

When Magnus had stopped singing, Linda saw there was not one dry cheek. Even Matilda with her witty remarks had tears in her eyes. She purse her lips and went back to Magnus when he was done. She took the microphone and yelled so loud, that it echoed through the sports hall -let the autumn break begin!!!!

The kids stormed out of school, ten days off and everyone wanted to go home or just hang out with friends. In the schoolyard Linda, Matilda and Lena was waiting for Magnus. Not Matilda really, she was waiting for George, at least that’s what she said. -He’s fine you know, Matilda says -certainly not my type, but a nice and really funny guy! 

Lena nod her head agreeing and looks as if the whole sky was filled with butterflies. 

-Yes, she says, very nice… -I mean, like ugly but very nice.

Magnus came out with the rest of the students who wanted to congratulate him for a possible singing career and those who want to be in his team on the popular computer game and the girls who “only” want to date him. Linda felt uncomfortable. The worst thing was that Miranda, the seventeen year old school intern, hung around his neck and giggled like they were an item. -Shouldn’t we hang at the diner now, that we’re on autumn leave? Miranda says while running her finger down his cheek.

-He’s ugly but he’s mine! Linda sizzles between her teeth, while trying to stare Miranda off Magnus neck. When Miranda saw this, it only made her cling to Magnus harder.

Matilda look at Linda with her eyes wide open and giggles -what? So you really are in love with Magnus! -Then you better take it easy with Miranda, Jeanne D’arc, before you get burned at the stake. You know she is used to get what she wants. -I think he’s ugly as you do, you know but love, she says to Linda, -I wouldn’t have waited too long tell George that I love him, if someone else wanted him too! Linda looks at Matilda. -But you’re already a couple? Linda says. -Aaaa, true but, I knew from the beginning that I loved him and I made sure that he would be mine a long time ago. Linda watched Matilda and wrinkled her nose. -But George’s hot? she says in self defense. Matilda put a new chewing gum in Lindas mouth. He’s a hunk to you, to me he’s a prince!

Linda was grateful over Matilda’s wise words even though she may not top the scale of sympathy and compassion for others. She rolled all that had happened back and forth in her head while watching Magnus now, -he’s really ugly she thinks, but …Linda pauses her thoughts and tell her girlfriends to go wait for her in the park by the lake Montamore -I will try to bring Magnus there for a quick date!