The Anunnaki Bible Part 6 – The Language! 👽

The Anunnaki Bible Part 6 – The Language! 👽

The Language

Because of that I haven’t studied the language for two years and it is very advanced, I can not develop too far into it but, I can explain the basics to you, K’tarus explain. 

Elsa can barely hear K’tarus. She is still not really sure of if this is really happening and right now, they’re waiting for a UFO in the middle of a forest outside town.

-Let see, K’tarus continues… When you’ll be entering the classroom, the children are placed on the floor around the teacher. In the middle there are like a 3D laser “show”, just as in any futuristic movie you’ve seen. The kids also have their own… u hum… tablet or laser thing going on. It looks like a cube that floats in the air. This cube you will keep for the rest of your life. You speak with it, you speak through it, you find road directions with it, you build with it and you learn from it.

This cube together with you “3” neck mark, can achieve miracles!

-To open your cube, that is called Q’ira’aktu, where Q is the form of the cube and “ira’aktu” is from Babylon and the Akkadian language translating “irarazakku” which almost mean “need to learn”! But we really say ”kirhu akkadattu” that mean geographical discipline. That is what our languages are built upon, the foundation.

 -So to open it, you either need to know the sign language or the language. You will most certain be starting with the first simple multi meaning sign.

K’tarus made a sign with his fingers and a floating gesture in the air. Suddenly Elsa saw a hologram in the size of a football. -The same model will appear with you in the classroom and you will learn how to spin it around, make it smaller or bigger or focus on points in the model. It takes no physical tablet to accomplish this. In the beginning you will get to sit with the children and they’ll probably all laugh at you each time you enter the “school”. Remember Elsa, they’ve only seen humans as examples in their teachings. Elsa thought it didn’t seem to be too much different from earth and schools at home.

K’tarus continues…

-The model, basic language structure, look very much like a chart with coordinates on an X and Y axis. When they speak to someone or about something, they first (first rule is 1. where) refer to the exact position where this person or thing is placed. If they talk about a place, first rule apply. The sound of this is the sound for the coordinate, we speak in different directions, like a tranquilatwist. Since we are able to move over big distances, across galaxy’s, the individual model becomes a point within a bigger model. 

Second rule is 2. “who” is speaking and that mean us, so we tell our position. Third rule is 3. “what or who” are they speaking about. Alien species or the human species are referred to where in Q’ira’aktu they originate. Like humans are called “Earth” or Q’i “Q’ina” that mean “Q” Cube plus “ina, from where” in our language, then a specific person, the whereabouts of this person and last to separate a lot of people in the same place – the specific or personal melody our energy that they are composed as (we are all basically walking around sounding like a piano but in energy keys). It can sound like a stutter or a series of clicks when they refer to someone or something it can also sound like birds chirping.

-The same model are used to count with, which make math simple to view and use. I don’t want to explain how to use the model for counting because I’m not into explaining math myself and are not good in it, as it is.

The model that appear in this hologram is basically how we can chose to see things. Our eyes detect energy, like walking around in your movie the Matrix, just like you have just experienced yourself. So, when close the Q’ira’aktu, they still can see everything in the same way. Kids use Q’ira’aktu in real life all the time while they learn. They open the model and place it in front of them and everything thing they see, automatically fit in with the sound/signs telling them how to pronounce words and when to use which solution.

-The map or model with coordinates have a very limited number of signs or sounds that apply on personal- up to bigger models as galaxies too. The combinations are endless. Humans are using two languages, sign and numbers. Jennas and Ekkei’s only have one and it covers everything. 

Deviating sounds are the sign for energy highways and checkpoints or non organic electricity. Energy highway’s and checkpoints are the road map over the universe but also over our microcosmos, the way we think. Energy highways, the energy highway is either the path our thoughts take or the roads we drive on, or the correct path to different planets or galaxies.

-It’s all in our heads!

K’tarus looked troubled again, he does something above the Q’ira’aktu and it spin around. -This is a recording from a captured alien about fifty years ago. -The Ekkai died, I knew him, he was a good Ekkai. Anyway listen:

“Yes! I told you. Inside my head, the energy strings where thoughts travel build a net of connecting highways. The most important thought strings glow stronger then the others. Those are mainly the ones we use right now. 

-Is it true you can see your thoughts as a connecting puzzle while you eat or do something else?

Yes, well not as a puzzle more like a spiderweb. I can see thoughts, actions, impressions connecting, as if a highway is being built in an extreme speed. These highway’s make the blueprint of whatever I am doing or have done. So while eating, I can watch the map that executed and executes orders, being built. This map show me gathering the meal, sitting down and eating it.

-And where do all the highways go when you’re done studying them? (laughing)

(Grunting) These blueprints are saved, boxed and coded. When they are boxed, they end up looking like buzzing light spheres on the energy highway, they hook up in a connection point to a new highway being built. See, all the highway are connected to each other and lead to your earliest memories but, you can not see them because they are boxed and coded. I know you have seen Tron, so you can easily imagine the highways and the light spots (connection points) on them.

-Uhu.. How do we reach our earliest memories then?

(Scream and a grunting) Please stop… We need to find the right energy path. This won’t be the easiest thing to do because from that point in time, when you were just 2-3 years old, the maps of all highway constructions are trillions and each one is coded and locked and made hooked together with an endpoint (connection point) on the new and continuing highway. We are always going forward or sidewards and if we go backward, we build a new Island of roads connecting to each other. The net keep expanding until the day we die.

(Breathes heavily)…Each highway that ends in a connection point is finished, we have nothing more to build on this, we understand the entire sequence, we found the solution. But, our life is not that easy, the older we get, the unfinished amount of highways seem to grow and they stay open until we finish them. Sometimes it is enough to finish one highway and because of this, the rest will automatically finish. 

-So what is the practical use of being able to see all these maps? Can we use them for something and what, take me for an example, how can I remember sequences from as early as 4-5 years old, if all memories are locked and coded?

The most simple way for me to answer the question of practical use is, -if you see the blueprint of what is happening right now, you can correct or improve your thoughts, moves and actions in an as early state as “right now” instead of afterward. 

Thoughts are very fast. If I would slow one of the energy highways down and focus on it a million times, I would probably see threads that are stretched pictures. Each highway are one event or point in life with thousands of parallel branches. Repeating shores and routines are old highways with connection points (boxed and coded blueprints) to the highway we’re building right now.  The first memory we have, is probably when being born and the image of our mother. That is the “absolute” and it doesn’t have to share room inside our mind with anything else. So we cling to the association of “the mother image”. After ten years, “the mother image” have changed, partly because our mother’s grow old too, but also through the interaction we have with our mother. We’re probably not being breastfed anymore so, to use the old image and highway would be kind of weird. We box and pack the memory but keep the key – one image connecting and running through our entire first memory. This thread is stretched so much, it clearly becomes the “thinnest” or vaguest memory in any of our highways. After boxed and packed highways, we’ve moved from the first image ages ago. But, the first memory is still there, we just need to find the connection points, that lead us back to it.

-(laughing)… I can imagine a very thin “picture” in this theory. Just HOW thin would you say, the threads in the energy highway are?

I wouldn’t call it this as in physically “thin” in our measurement, I would rather ask “how wide” and big are thin in the universe! Do you understand? The reason is that the space inside our minds must be infinite. We build more then a trillion highways (memories) through our life time. When we connect to each memory, they never feel older than 2 weeks, just as if the event was here and now and this is big. We remember smells, feelings, images, sound, touch and taste, how we moved, pain, pleasure, love, hate and, or sadness. Each state can be recalled in a fraction of a second. Even if the memory are 60 years old. This demand that the space inside our minds are infinite with room enough to take these jumps between the trillion plus, memories. 

A memory is not only a cloud of instructions leading up to one event, it is also each instruction, as the memory of looking at your hand, the instruction of looking and each experience, -no matter how small or insignificant it feel. So when picturing the spiderweb of energy highways in front of us, we need to back up thousands of miles, to be able to see the entire spiderweb and every single energy highway -remember there more than a trillion connections. 

If you can just let me go for a second, I don’t feel good….

-NO!…Sorry, that can’t do!

(Uh…grunting) Let’s do this experiment together then. Imagine your energy highways and connecting points in this web of roads. Focus on one of these strings “what happened the day before yesterday”? Everything that happened then are in one energy highway (highways lead two ways but can only be built one way and can never be unbuilt). All you see is a string in a spiderweb, go closer, you need to find the right memory. Go closer until you recognise any image, feeling, smell, touch or taste, find the “key”. 

If you’re with me now, you can not visualise the spiderweb anymore. You are probably in something as big as a very busy train station or a supermall, you never hit the energy highway, you got sucked in to the light sphere, bumped on the string and thrown on the packed and boxed memory, the connection point, with images and impressions everywhere. You ought to realize right now that you actually can’t see an end in this box. When you pick the right store or the right train, you will immediately be transferred to the key memory. 

When you unlocked the energy highway, the rest of every single impression appear. 

Maybe it is much easier for you now, to get a grip of just how wide each energy string is….(grunting again).

Most of you humans see the mind as a little “Q” a round cube, ”what is inside, is what we see right now”. For an example, many of your kind keep saying “I can’t do that, I’m not a thinker, I am kind of just good in what I am doing”. In other words, they see only what they do right now and when they remember something, they never question “how come I remember”, they only remember or not. 

(The Ekkai’s voice are getting thinner) Haven’t you’ve been in that place where you look for something you recently lost? Twirling around like a hurricane, lifting every pillow, turning every rock. In the end, you sit down and focus “where did I go and when”? Then your journey start to find… the key memory! 

So, everyone of you humans really function as I do but you have forgotten it, you hate me for all wrong reasons and you use us. (Loud noise cut through the recording and the Ekkai grunt again). The other day in your governments Bilderberg meeting in Turin, they brought up “post-truth”. Now, I will never find out how they will approach this subject in the but, I am pretty sure that they have not observed their own kind as I have seen you humans. 

So I wrote this to help you (Elsa hear the Q’ira’aktu spin):

Post-truth are not anything else then the shortest way to an explanation. Post-truth are created foremost when our governor’s, kings, presidents, politicians and leaders lie.

We can feel, we understand that the factors in this math puzzle don’t add up and we build a bridge to the truth.

-That the rich and famous, VIP’s will be talking about this on the Bilderberg meeting only show how ignorant They really are.

Post-truth are not inventing a magnifying glass to watch nuclides evolve, it is simply routine thinking when solving problems we know nothing of -the shortest way to an answer, enabling us to pack a thought and leave it or develop it.

Therefore what these nutcases of your leaders need to do is fund education and stop treating people as ignorants just because they lack status -Just tell the truth! You are in fact creating the “post-truth world”. You are even using conspiracy theories to silence truth by adding gasoline to them. They are creating dimwits with tinfoil hats, carrying the truth beneath the silly hat of post-truth the leaders created.

“Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.

‘in this era of post-truth politics, it’s easy to cherry-pick data and come to whatever conclusion you desire’

‘some commentators have observed that we are living in a post-truth age’””

It is really not a phenomena that leaders lie, but it is also not them who hinder you from become VIP’s yourselves. It is your state of mind telling you “we cannot accomplish more than this”. You have a kind of drivers licence that grants you to think as well as allowing you to drive different vehicles. 

-You have just took this category licence sir, so now you’re allowed to drive a “moped”, that’s the licence you took. Not to a motorcycle, not to a car (heavens know how they work)! Your capabilities are concealed in a fog, you can only drive a moped, your brain are perfectly sound to sleep. So, you just turn the moped engine on and drive away, thinking that “wow, how swell wouldn’t it be with a Lamborghini”!

In your foggy, not clear state of mind, that you spent the past 30 years filling up with fairy tales and stories ending in morale lessons, you still actually believe that there are NOTHING leading up to your thoughts or actions! 

-It is all magic, you don’t really think, it is just magically there and if it is not there, then the magic don’t work! -You cannot change your future?

You insist of seeking answers in psychology and religion and you love being judged “this is what you are, who you are and why” just to get treated with a variation of remedies. In contrast to normal medicine research, where a broken leg are fixed with a cast, no one of your so called psychologists ever seem to have “fixed” a broken mind. 

But then again -how to fix something that works on magic, right?

So, you really do have use of a mind blueprint, telling you just “what and where and why” you suddenly started to act on post-truth, why you stay on that Vespa and why you sit here, slowly killing me and envy The Bilderberg Group and their power! I can probably tell you, without blinking even once, what led me from my childhood until today, to you. 

-That would be, probably 10.000 energy highways and 5.000 intersections or connection points. The blueprints of the energy highways, keep me up to a 100% in the presence without losing the past and this together gives me a clear view of the future! -You will understand why I let you capture me, one day!”

Elsa and K’tarus looked at each other -I’m sorry K’tarus. That was the saddest most painful thing I’ve ever heard and the most intelligent speak ever!

K’tarus squeezed Elsas upper arm -thank you! 

Anyway, It is easy to understand how small this language is but how much it means. According to J’ska a lot of species use the same way to communicate with small differences only and it is the oldest language in the universe.

-Well enough of this Elsa, this was your first class, remember all of it! I just thought you how!

Author: Christine Djerf