The Anunnaki Bible Part 6 – The Puppets! 👽

The Anunnaki Bible Part 6 – The Puppets! 👽

The Puppets

“The sky turned pinkish while the sun set over Volcano Valley”.

Checking just above the mountaintop at Sunset Crater, Liza saw an aberration. Somehow the air seemed to wobble and, maybe a form of electric dust glisten? She stuttered and called to her friends to see, which were packing the rest of their camping night out, into the van. The Arizona reddish national park, looked amazing in the sinking sun by the Cinder Hills.

The goal with the journey was really to get a sneak peek into the closed old and partly collapsed volcano cave. Rumors said that it wasn’t really closed to the public due to the collapse but, because it was said to keep a secret.

Philip turned around when Liza hit his shoulder, “look” she gasped and pointed to the strange spot over the hill. Philip were ready to ask Liza to help them with the packing when, he saw the phenomenon too.

Felicity, Liza’s best friend also stopped what she was doing and wanted to know what all the fuss were about. When she saw the aberration, she quickly answered and calmly explained to the others “it was really hot today, that is the wobbling heat only”! Liza and Philip looked at each other and nodded, that seemed to be logical, right?

The trip had been a success in the sense that, the friends have had a really good weekend together and learned a lot about the national park. But, as far as to find out what was hiding in the cave, it was a failure. The national park authority found them lurking around and stopped the group, just as Philip was about to enter the opening. With a warning of legal actions if they did not obey the rules, they turned back to the camp.

As it became darker, Liza still stopped once in awhile just to check if something happened over the hills. The weird was gone and all seemed normal. She could hear Philip laughing together with Felicity by the van and it sounded like they were talking with the supervisor of the camp.

Suddenly in the growing darkness, Liza see something twinkling between the trees. She calls to the others that, she will just check this out, before they leave. Felicity who was too occupied with talking, didn’t hear Liza. Philip grimaced a bit to focus on where she walked, before he continued the conversation. The supervisor however pointed at Liza and said, as she went into the darkness of the valley “she should be careful out here, there are a lot of wild animals and most of them are not harmless”! Philip reacted on the words and Felicity become silent, “oh… Yes, that is kind of rashly done by Liza”! They all turned around quietly and glared without seeing where Liza had gone.

Liza follows the twinkling light, behind lots and lots of trees. As soon as she thinks she is close to it, it seems to move further away. Then, when she had no idea of where she were and realized that she was lost, a voice whisper behind her “Hi”!

As she turns around, a man in his forties with ice blue eyes, stares at her and smiles “hands up” he says before shooting something “silver like” on her. The “silver like” thing hits her shoulder and the impact and pain causes her to wobble backwards. The last thing she see before she passes out is, this bullet wriggling down like a live big worm, drilling itself into her arm…

When Liza wakes up, she recognize the place through the great amount of sci fi series she read as a child. She was definitely on board a spaceship. This was the reason they went to Sunset Crater in the first place, “The secrets”. Liza thought to herself, “wait until the others hear about this”! Thrilled she rose from the bed and started to walk around the ship…

Meanwhile, on the camping ground, more and more people had started to search for Liza and the county Sheriff had been notified. The two friends repeated over and over again between each other that, they never should have let her walk alone. Philip blamed himself the most because, he knew what he saw, he was sure of, in what direction he had seen her leave.

-There are some Cinder Trees, then a hill coming up and nothing, it is impossible to get lost here! He said to the others. They looked around and let their flashlights swipe the area. Yes, it was most certainly impossible to get lost here.

Liza left the chamber and felt her shoulder pounding. She looked at the wound and remembered the wriggling worm. Still, beneath her skin, something moved. She felt sick to her stomach and started to panic. It was really an animal crawling in her arm.

As she entered the big hallway, the door to the chamber closed behind her. The sound surrounding her, reminded her of huge tanks of water with, a low frequent dishing machine buzz.

She carefully placed her hands against the walls of the UFO and felt a heartbeat inside. Just as if the ship would be alive.

The light changed as she walked down the hall and soon it became bluish. In the end of the corridor, which she thought led to the east part of the ship, the heartbeat and the sound of water became more intense. When she entered the back part of the bridge, small glass tanks with fluid was built upon each other and she saw hundreds of naked human bodies piled up, row after row.

For the first time since she woke up in this alien vessel, reality hit and Liza actually felt scared. What were they going to do with her? Liza walked closer to the human aquariums and starred on the floating people. Except for their genitals and hair, nothing could tell them apart. They all seemed to have been in these tanks forever. Surprisingly, the bluish water, looked fresh and bubbles twirled around their bodies.

One glass casket seemed to stand out from all the rest… “Don’t you want to check it out”? A humming, buzzing voice said, behind her. Liza turned around, startled by the presence of another live being and in her lack of breath, she saw a grayish tall, slim alien, with big eyes glance back at her.

-No, way, Liza coughed! The alien moved gracefully in a dress that as gracefully followed her every move.

-I recommend you take a closer look at your friend in the tank. The one that catches your eyes!

The alien turned away and went toward the commando bridge. She didn’t seem to be bothered by Liza’s curiosity at all so, Liza slowly moved to see why this particular body in its tank called upon her.

Liza sat down on her knees before it and placed her hands on the pounding tank and almost pushed her nose up against the glass. Like ice suddenly would have filled her veins, she realized that she was staring at herself, or at least someone identical to her.

As if the creature in the tank felt her presence, it open the eyes and smashed its hands against the inside of the glass, with a force so strong that Liza could feel it on the outside. The thing stared at her with open soulless eyes, Liza thought.

-It is alive! She called out to the alien behind her.

“Oh, yes good” the tall human like creature replied. “You came here to learn a secret, did you not”?

Liza choked. The alien came towards her and with one hand, she held Liza in a firm grip and with a finger from the other hand, she dug into Liza’s arm and pulled the wriggling worm out.

“See, I will let you in on this secret” the alien hiss in front of her!

The pain almost made Liza faint again but, this time she somehow couldn’t. The alien continued talking with the same buzzing, hissing voice, just like a colibri now “I am a guardian and we are a total of eleven billion guardians around the universe.

My work is to care for all these humans. The thing you call soul, are energy DNA. The string is forever passing through the universe and can not be killed unless separated too long from a body, the energy string will simply disappear somewhere in the thousands of galaxies, never to be found again”.

Liza rubs her aching arm and dare to ask, as her curiosity grows “so you mean, we have eternal life”? The alien swept Liza’s whole being with her big eyes but, then silently turned to the clone. The creature do something on the side of the tank, and with a dark malending sound it mechanically began to move out from the row.

The alien looked down in the water and into the empty staring, wide opened eyes of the clone. Liza shivers. The alien let the silver worm fall into the water where it attacks the body immediately and dug its way into the clones stomach.

The alien turn to Liza again and says “well…all these people you see here, has in fact own eternal life but, you don’t. You are the clone, the puppet, the video game -you are a shell! Your body were genetically produced in the image of human and you carry the “soul” only as long as, the human want. Dear you are an exchangeable host to this soul”!

Liza felt surreal, this couldn’t be happening. Now no secrets felt interesting enough to know about. She just wanted to wake up from this nightmare. Of course she must be dreaming. She never walked from the camp. She must have fallen to sleep?

The alien continues “As the worm replace the DNA string which are your life recording with another, you will slowly die and this body of yours will start to decompose”. As this extraterrestrial being was talking, Liza felt her body stop reacting bit by bit and she seemed to sink together into a pile. Her muscles had started to dissolve. 

-Why are you doing this? She whispered without any strength left, as she became sitting on the floor not able to move.

Soon, all she had left were her eyesight. She saw the clone turn from the aquarium and soon her vision became more and more blurred, then black!

The alien brought forth a robe and she started to dry the clone’s hair in the tank and a soft humming filled the bridge again as she said “Welcome back Liza, how was your sleep”? The clone smiled and answered “Thank you J’Tika, it was to my satisfaction but, did we sense the clone becoming a being with its own feelings”?

She led them to the enormous window facing the universe, here where a billion stars fill the void and galaxies were only as far away as our thoughts. -“I believe so, my dear, I believe so” J’Tika answered. She continued “are you sure my dear, that you want to visit earth yourself this time”?

Liza smiled “oh, yes! I have had a wonderful virtual experience here on this blue planet. It is time to enter a new host soon too and what are our upcoming agenda”? J’Tika swept her hand in the air and a cube, big as a football, without walls but filled with signs, appeared. She talked to the cube and it sent small electrical lights from her orders to the commando bridge and it began to change its whole structure. Suddenly the entire ship looked like the main city on a busy planet. This was not only a hologram. This was advanced building techniques, rearranging tiles in structure by commanding atoms to move. J’Tika interpreted what she saw “we have non humans, non guardians with high intelligence growing by the number quickly and by the look of this, their older cities may already be as old as 4000 years or more. -Shall we interact?

Liza held her hand up and shook it. -No, not now! We must find “3” first and the rest of that fleet.

Before Liza went back to earth, she stared into a new glass tank where a baby human was growing. “When shall we leave dear”, J’Tika asked. Liza said nothing at first but, then she looked around the hundreds of glass tanks in the first chamber “lets ask the others when I come back, we can not leave any clones behind on earth anyway and I kind of like this place. It would be a shame killing every clone off…”.

The sunrise in Sunset Crater, was magically beautiful. Mist covered the fields and it tried desperately to, climb the hills but, as the sun rose, the mist sank further down along the ground until the only thing that was left, were very small drops of water in the grass and on the leaves.

On one of the logs by last night’s campfire, Felicity and Philip sat holding each other tight with a blanket still wrapped around them…

… As the sun rose higher in the sky and hit their faces, a vague figure came walking from the Cinder trees. Felicity was the first one to see Liza and ran screaming of joy toward her “My God, where have you been”. Liza felt a hug for the first time in real life, and she almost stumbled as she took her first breath with taste of summer, moist and sweet flowers. Gazing towards the sun, she got struck with love for this short life but, intense existence experience. “Amazing…” she whispers, knowing that all these people, that came running toward her only are soul puppets, hidden in bodies as Armour for war, virtual pleasure or science. When… for a fact, the true beings, was kept safe in DNA tanks, just to stay alive for millions of years… never seeing each others faces for real.

-This is life, she thought, even though they really don’t know who they are, what they are or why!

Elsa: Hi mom, I’m moving <3

:MomaBear Where you going hun? Remember to send address. Me and pa coming over this Xmas, be sending socks from grandma xxxxx-<3

Death of Clones

Elsa had to pack everything she wanted to take with her. K’tarus had ordered her to move. Not move to the next block or to another county, he invited her to live on the same UFO as he did or if the fleet general would order Elsa to another ship, she would move there. Elsa loved it, she was to spend time in real life aboard a spaceship with real aliens.

K’tarus had been extra precautions because he said he knew a Guardians ship was circulating earth since WW2. There mission was to keep humans safe that lived on their vessels. That meant their puppets were on earth and their two generals had a completely different agenda then “3”.

J’ska is one of the oldest still living generals but no one know where she is. The fleet grew during thousands of years and was divided into different branches. J’ska only had one goal and that was to find a new home for her people but rebellions, deep collaboration with original human inhabitants, building and genetically modifying a new human species led to conflicts and existential rights. J’Tika is one of 11 billion guardians on Guardians ships across the universe that safeguard original humans and other species like Noah’s arks. Together they also guard other planets from J’ska’s fleet, claiming we want to infest planets to be the only species and harvest them.

Since they never visit earth in their real bodies, J’tika and the Human form Liza are not aware of the whole picture. They see everything like in a video game where they hold the controls of the puppets. Problem is their steady growing number of clones on earth and the way they’re killing them off. When the clone fulfilled its purpose, they butcher it and tear out the “soul”. 

Elsa started to breathe heavier – but the clones don’t feel anything, right?

K’tarus looked at his hands, -during this time, since the clones was developed, the clone DNA have started to copy human DNA, and we don’t know why yet, and The Guardians are not even aware of that this is happening! 

-People around the world are saying that their souls will leave the body and go home after they’re dead.. A deep sigh finished his sentence and could be heard as K’tarus became more and more lost in thoughts.

Elsa just realized and whispered -I say that too, I am going home to God!

K’tarus woke from his dreamscape -no! That’s you going back to mother ship!

Elsa became all pale -I’m a clone?

-Hahaha, K’tarus laughed hard and it sounded like bumblebees had a techno party. -No dear, you’re not a clone but you can be resurrected, and you can only be resurrect on mother ships.