The Anunnaki Bible Part 4 -The Big Blue becomes Black 👽

The Anunnaki Bible Part 4 -The Big Blue becomes Black 👽

The big Blue becomes pit black

As they leave the dempt underground room, Emanuel asks – What am I supposed to do? Farsah look at Emanuel. -Easy as pie, he says -You shall find J’ska and wake her up, then return home! Emanuel can’t help but looking up into the sky -why don’t you go, he asks Farsah. Farsah look back at Emanuel while he still is gazing toward the stars.

-What? He say, -do you think I’m crazy? I wouldn’t set my foot in a spaceship!

The whole company moves back to The Sea of Galilee. Rehba is getting sicker because of the dying angel in her body. Sometimes the angels survive, if getting a new symbiotic body in time. Usually the angel dies with its host, if the host is allergic or when they are old enough to pass on. However, if J’ska were awake she could save them both very fast. Now, no one knew where she has been for more than 2000 years. The only proof even of her existence was the image of her in the cave and the image itself, wasn’t really a proof.

Now they were on their way to a “spaceship”. Emanuel was fearsome man, his looks were kind of intimidating. Handsome but still kind of scary with broad shoulders and neck, ice blue eyes and darker skin. He could pass for a well dressed devil himself. When he looked at Rehba getting sicker, his stomach turned. This was all his doing and since the Queen died, it was also pointless. He had never realized how much in his life was based on other people’s opinions. The wrong “man” down and his destiny were changed forever.

Spaceship? What on earth is a spaceship and how is it supposed to sail in the sky? Emanuel gazed at the sun, which were getting hotter. He took a scarf from the saddle herd and wiped his neck. -Jones! Emanuel called on his cabin boy. -Yes, captain? Jones answered. How are you feeling?

Nathan who rode beside Jones threw his arm out and almost knocked Jones off the camel. -He is doing just fine, Nathan laughed deep from his belly. Jones got upright again and tried to hit him back but missed. -I am fine sir, Jones answered. Nathan was relieved that the young boy were saved, even if Rehba got sick. How old could Jones be, he thought. Thirteen? Fourteen? The war and the sea was no place for a young boy.

Nathan thought, Jones reminded him of his own son. Except for the thousand freckles in his face. Nathan also agreed with young Jones, one day he would go home too.

Jones turned to the captain. -Sir? I request to stay with Rehba! Emanuel looked at Farsah since he didn’t know how many it would take to run the ship. Farsah looks back at Emanuel also waiting to hear if Jones can stay. Emanuel clear his throat -Yes, of course. If, this is your wish. May I ask why?

Jonas looks at Rehba as she sleeps. -I think sir, we can change angels back and forth to keep this one alive and to save Rehba too. Emanuel looks at Rehba and then back at Jones. -Good idea, your request is granted. Smart Jonas, smart!

When they arrive at the Sea of Galilee again, Farsah takes his camel to one of the others who seem to stand guard. Then he gesticulates to Emanuel and Nathan to follow him. He leads them into a cave that seem to run like a tunnel under the Sea of Galilee. Suddenly the narrow passages open and before their eyes, just like the image of J’ska, a magnificent ship in the brightest metal floats only centimeters above the surface. This cave don’t look to have any walls but in a sphere surrounding them the water runs blind. -Can I touch this? Emanuel asks, remembering that the head were an image. Farsah smiles, -you like it? -Yes, of course you can, just walk over there and feel it. Emanuel feels like a child, it was beautiful, whatever this was. He takes a step out and sinks down in the water. -Oh, Farsah scream, I forgot to tell you, you can only reach it by swimming. Nathan jumps into the water too and they both start swimming toward the ship.

Emanuel feels the body of the ship and he is more than amazed. -How do we get inside? He asks Farsah. Farsah lift something from his pocket and hold it up high. “Click, click, click” You got a piece of metal from me, you still have it? He calls back to Emanuel.

Emanuel keep treading water and start enthusiastically search his pockets and there, in his left pocket the little metal toy were. He clicks it once, twice and three times. Emanuel or Nathan can’t see anything happen at all. -Touch the ship! Farsah shouts.

The ship grabs both Emanuel and Nathan and as if it had started to devour them, they got sucked in. “Emanuel, Nathan welcome aboard. This pink fluid that surrounds you will -probably- not drown you. Just relax and take a deep breath”. The ship talked to them! Emanuel looked at Nathan who seemed to be in a shock. They both felt a panic rising since they couldn’t get out the same way they got in and they started to feel dizzy. Nathan shook his head and began to turn bluish in the strange light. “Please” the female voice said again. “If you don’t breath you will faint… or never mind, don’t breathe”! Nathan soon couldn’t hold his breath anymore and in absolute panic he gasped for air in the pink water like fluid.

Emanuel watched Nathan and thought he’d see him die before he did himself but, as soon as Nathan opened his mouth, kicking and scratching everywhere and inhaled the liquid substance he became “normal” again. Nathan showed he laughed and tried to talk -Iiii…fuuufff…eyyy…aehhh…”. The water made it impossible to create anything but strange sounds. Emanuel couldn’t keep his breath anymore either and with some comfort of that Nathan still was alive he opened his mouth and inhaled too. Suddenly he felt more alive than he’d done in years. He felt like he had rested for months.

“Please be seated” The voice talked again. The small ship was lit by the pink fluid and everything else with strategic fluorescent blue lines. Emanuel started to look for a chair to sit on and so did Nathan. “Can you see the darker contour, like an imprint on a pillow, just above your head”, the voice said. Emanuel and Nathan looked up and as they reached for the imprint-thing, two entire body shaped kind of beds smoothly came down. They took place in them and the voice start to talk again…

“On this journey you will be traveling in fluid. It is easier to make a solid object go faster and for your health, this solution will guarantee you a safe trip. The pink fluid, is what makes your space travel possible. I am a copy of Eyrah, the teller. Now, captain Emanuel, you have the star charts in your head and we are looking for J’ska. Whatever coordination you think of, I will go to. Are you ready? Then please share your thought”.

Emanuel looked at Nathan and he was even paler than the fluid. Nathan shakes his head slowly -Captain, don’t do it, don’t think of anything, he thinks!

Emanuel makes a grimace just like if he’d understood what Nathan was thinking and blew some air bubbles between his teeth. First nothing happened, then the pressure started building in their ears and a feeling of heaviness and getting pressed down emerged. A big shield hiding a glass dome unfolded around them like a curtain and suddenly they saw the water on the outside rushing in all directions. It became brighter and brighter and soon they cut through the surface with a loud bang.

On the side of the Lake Rehba woke, she took Jones hand “good luck she whispered” while she watched the spaceship disappear in the sky!

Catching wormholes.

Everyone that ever followed science in school have at some point fantasies about time travel or wormholes. Few if no human have ever experienced it. According to the Annunaki Bible, time travel is non existent but wormholes are everywhere. What does it really feel like to enter a wormhole?


“At 2 pm, I had a booked deliverance from Swedish Mathem, (let’s call them “Food to home deliverance”). At 1:55 pm, five minutes before the expected deliverance I had to use the bathroom. I felt pretty stressed at the time. I didn’t want to make the meeting, the receiving of all grocery’s feel awkward! After my bathroom visit, I ran to the kitchen to see the time on the microwave oven, – still 1:55pm, good!

I thought swiftly to myself “wow I’m fast”. I started doing the dishes and calculated that the amount of cups and plates would take at least 12 minutes to finish. All the time, I concentrated on the doorbell. I didn’t want to miss them!

As soon as the dishes were done I watched the clock again, -still 1:55pm!

I thought that it must have stopped, so I went to the living room and picked up my cell phone, -1:55pm, here too! It felt weird but I didn’t worry more since they both showed the same time. So I went to fill the washing machine with new clothes and hung the others to dry, I cleaned the floors and prepared lunch.

Soon it started to feel like I got stuck in time somehow? I went back to watch the time on the microwave oven again and saw that I now had one minute to go before 2pm. I was amazed, I couldn’t believe it! I just put everything I was doing down and kept staring at the clock. Suddenly it turned and a couple of seconds later my doorbell rang…”

Emanuel and Nathan looked at the thousand of stars surrounding them with childlike joy. “We will soon enter a wormhole and the blackness of space will fill with colors” Eyrah said. Emanuel who wanted to know everything and most often thought he’d wanted to share his adventures with late Queen Anne tried to speak…”Aaaa…uuuu… E”.

Eyrah who’d seem to somehow read their thoughts answer “A wormhole can do two things, it can speed up time or slow it down. If time is slowed down, we can walk a thousand miles in only a minute. In the wormhole, we manage to use each fraction of a second as a minute and it won’t affect us at all. If we speed ourselves up with the help of a machine like this spaceship, the fraction of the minute will become a fraction of the fraction. Still, on the outside of the wormhole, the time passes normal. This means, as long as you’re in a wormhole, time will not pass or time will pass very little. The second wormhole is the opposite and speed time up. You have surely felt it at some point, since it is the easiest wormhole to catch. You see a vase falling from the table only twenty centimeters from your hand, you reach out and for some reason, you are far too slow”.

Nathan and Emanuel agrees in thought and this is so exciting that they just want to know more and more. Nathan also want to know where the colors will come from when they enter the wormhole. Eyrah answers “…we will see that what can not be seen when going slowly but, going only fast without a wormhole will not help. A wormhole is like a current in a sea. You see time because you are young, as the event of the sun going up and down and measure everything in it like it has a weight but not a substance. If it has a weight, you think you can lower it and go back but, if you also see the substance you will understand that for anything to go back, the substance must follow. If any current change direction, it will still be a running forward. What you will see now is the colors of all particles you didn’t know existed but coexist with us all”.

Soon the colors around the spaceship intensifies and the lot of the universe looks like a brilliant multicolored supernova in a kaleidoscope and for an hour before the wormhole closes, they see the shapes and colors change. Then in a distance a magnificent ship is growing larger and larger. “Could you believe, you knew where J’ska’s ship were” Eyrah asks Emanuel.

Emanuel swims up close to the glass dome and amazes to what he sees, soon Nathan does the same thing. “Amazing, just amazing” they both think as they stare out into space on a ship larger that one hundred navy vessels together. “Oh, this is only the front side” Eyrah says as an answer to their thoughts!

To be continued…

Author: Christine Djerf