The Anunnaki Bible Chapter 1 The Beginning! 👽

The Anunnaki Bible Chapter 1 The Beginning! 👽

 The Annunaki Bible

Chapter 1 The Beginning

“We will tell you the tale of how it all started, you call us Gods, but bow to the image of you. You say we sent our son and that our son is us. You say that the child is you by image but us in heart. You noticed that a part of us was to deliver you over and over and over again through six millenniums. We will tell you the tale through our perspective”.

All mythology and all Gods you know of in your world is from the Annunaki bible, we are the Gods and creators of Titans, giants and man.

You know of the three spheres in the universe, the sphere of the spirits, the sphere of the living and the sphere of the God(s). The spirits belong to Gaia the Goddess who gave birth to the Titans. The sphere of the living is all creatures and mankind, inhabiting earth. The sphere of God is the spirit, the life of outside the sphere of the goddess Gaia. “

One and only one creature inhabiting the earth can that what no one else can. Not the Gods, not the animals and not the spirits. Only one creature depends on its mind alone and have no other survival skill but its possibility to interpret everything and know all languages.

The tale of Annunaki – The Gods, The Nephilims, The Titans

We never created the offspring to become slaves for gold, as was told about the Annunaki. We set upon earth forty children in forty kingdoms. Each one rose an empire who spoke the three languages that united our worlds even through the barrier of genealogy.

Imagine taking a piece of Gaia a piece of her spirit and placing in some soil that you call clay. Now the clay will know all secrets and the clay will flourish but can speak with non.

Now, imagine taking a piece of Gaia and engineer it to coexist with you in your children, your children will now know all the secrets of the universe because it speaks all languages.

The Nephilim, the Titan – The engineered child with many names

The spirit of Gaia is feelings, mankind speak with voice and the Gods speak with thought and this is how mankind know of life, spirit and God but no other existing creature does.

Who feels but do not speak or calculate? What calculates but do not speak or feel?.

Noticing all the animals react on danger, while most often man is too slow for he stands still and calculate. Why does he calculate, when his body is the same as all the other creators. Notice man feel in his heart when he is needed, notice man feel the spirit of the world, notice man feel God. Notice man create in his own mind what has never been done before. And of all this greatness he speaks!

Genesis – one of the nine verses

“This is only the beginning of what they will do. Nothing they propose to do will now be impossible”.


The tower of Babel, the mountain Olympus and Valhalla – The market hall for all Gods

When god created mankind however, mankind choose to diverge from that what he was created to be, the highest among creatures and the child decided to domesticate the world to fill his needs only and break the bonds between the 40 kingdoms.

The languages that once were united now became scattered to meaningless and over time, man could only remember the spoken word and God became recreated in the image of man, telling the children of the Nephilims that this is how they came upon this earth.

In deception Man now forgot that what he is, is the embodiment of mind, the most perfect being uniting the world’s together for the abundance of all richness of the universe.

The Annunaki story

J’ska thinks back and like in an old movie she remembers the flood raging behind her, swallowing everything in its path, while clinging on to her father’s neck. He held her so tight, running for their lives. It was such a long time ago and the memory is chopped up in pieces. She sees the bridge they are running on like from a distance, she sees the entrance to the flight central that once were covered in marble bricks but now while running toward it, it seemed to be throwing away heavy blocks of foundation. She sees the chaos, she sees the people who are hindered to pass and as soon as they enter a woman tears her from her father and whisper in the ongoing panic “you will be safe, I am sorry for this”. Then black.

She never saw her family after this. Her mother, father and a brother, they all are just gone. They got buried together with the rest of the planet spirit. Thanks to her father she is still alive. Her father said “take only the necessary, we must flee.” He said “ They made a crack in the sky ceiling and because of this it is falling down in very big pieces”.

J’ska moves her hand and opens with her movement the running images of a blue planet. She is surviving floating in the endless creation cradle without her peoples spirit home. Of what once was is only a fraction left and the planet is dead.

She looks at the images of the new beautiful life bearing planet. She asked when she was still a child, why couldn’t they just land and start to live again. The general said, the spirit of this planet don’t support our spirit but, it will and that will be your job. You will find a way.

J’ska never could but the team of engineers did. J’ska became the fleet general after her guardian and early general had passed away. They created a direct link to the spirit.

The nursery

J’ska enters the nursery and in an incubator surrounded with high technology a hybrid son is growing. He looks very much different from anything that have ever seen the light of day. His skin is pale, the eyes are small, ice blue and still his features is much like their own. He is the link, he will talk the language of two spirit worlds and he will communicate with sound to all living creatures. Within 30 years of our counting 300 of these hybrid sons will be born on the blue planet and they will learn to speak the language of the spirit and when they have spoken, they will tell us what needs to be known.

The planet spirit has a voice, it connects all living creatures and all that is continuously transforming. It is not the codes which all life is built upon, it is The code that connects all living. It is that what is.

The general once said to J’ska, the easy part is to see that what you see. The hard part is to see what don’t show, J’ska remembers she couldn’t quite understand and her guardian made the commando bridge turn black in darkness and he said “you can’t see me now, but you can hear my voice, what connects us”? J’ska felt enthusiastic when she answered “the voice” but the general had just shook his head and while the bluish light slowly filled the bridge again he said “think”. For years J’ska tried new answers but each time the general just shook his head, blinked and said “try again, unfold that what is, but is untold”.

The hybrid son dies

The first son who were placed on the new planet died within months. It was a great loss to all of us. Everything seemed to attack him. The smaller inhabitants from which partly his DNA had been extracted from, fought him. The grass cut his feet, while other creatures rested softly in it. The sun swiftly created boils and tumors on his skin and the water shut down his intestines one by one. When he spoke to us, the suffering numbed the whole fleet for weeks. And no one could even speak at the time of his death. He was our son.

We learned much those months. We had been so busy creating a super mind that we had forgotten all about the body and certain survival attributes as anger. We had to start all over again. The hybrid sons that now were growing up, were of no use to us like this. If we would send them to earth, to Ki, we would send them straight to their death. They had to stay but they would be given the role as Gods. They would contribute to the second generation of hybrid sons -the Nephilims, the titans and all creatures we sat upon earth.

We detected some special deviations from the planets inhabitants. Our first hybrid sons had no pigments. We did see this in animal we had engineered too, however the consequences of this on the animals did not seem to strike them at all. The hardest part where the behavior attributes that amongst other would give the next generation hybrid sons, survival qualities in a hostile environment.

The result was Nephilim or titan as they were to be called by the population of the planet. We balanced the aggressive behavior with size and strength instead to not create a new warrior species. But still we missed the very same thing for why we came.

Manoah human, father to the son of An

By the year 70 we had placed 40 new generation hybrids on Earth and all other endeavors to communicate with the inhabitants had been a failure since the Kings of the planet rose against us.

Ishtar who married the black headed man child Manoah and all other hybrids had a gene deficiency, neither of them could recreate but they did fancy the inhabitants of the earth and asked for the bliss of children.

Our advanced technology, our appearances, the hybrids, the children of the childless, it all added up to us becoming preferable gods instead of those who already with slavery dictated the people. For we had the power to change their world.

It started to feel like all our endeavors had been to populate the world with new species. Within 10 years and 300 new children both, males and females had been born.

The Asteroid belt – The death of million of species

Once their spirit home was hit, the rest of the pieces recoiled in the atmosphere across the universe hitting earth. Earth was stronger than our home, the General said to J’ska. She asked him again “what does -unfold that what is, but is untold- mean”? The General looked at her and said “what is that, that we can’t see but is -for the evidence of it is missing, still it shines as bright as the sun”? J’ska felt more confused and angry. She thought that he could just tell her and don’t play these riddles. Obviously the answer was important enough to make them spend their lives in space waiting.

You must learn to think, he said. Did you ever encounter those nasty small lizards that always came by the hundreds? Those amongst other creatures we breathe in the nursery? J’ska did remember, she remembers her father running out from the house to help an outer terrestrial tourist in panic. Yes, she answered I did, they are quite special. That my dear, the General said, is evolution. That contains the evidence of what you can’t see.

J’ska looks back and remember the man picking fruits in the garden and one of those small neel lizards with their feet and abdomen covered with small neel like hair, hurried up his leg and swiftly crawled into his ear and to his nose before the man panicked. Father who was just nearby shouted at the top of his lunges “don’t throw it away”. But the man did. So within seconds hundreds of lizards was crawling into all openings they could find on the man’s body. My father ran as fast as he could with a year in one hand and the lid to it in the other. Somehow he managed to calm the man down and took the jar with some sweet gel inside it, caught one of those lizards and dropped it in it. Within just a few seconds the lizards had left the man and they all worked over each other to reach the gel. My father put the lid on and went out to the forest. He said while leaving the shocked man “they are not dangerous, they thought you hid something, each one is a scout for the rest of the population”.

J’ska didn’t grow any wiser by that story but she left the question for now. She mourned the loss of a world.

Gilgamesh, the son of Lugalbanda. One part man, three parts God

Gilgamesh sits by the river and as he feels the water, he thinks “I am connected” and in the same time he amazes over the beauty that he see in the scenery. Inside his head he hears J’ska. “What are you doing, you are not focused”. He cuts an imaginary bond to his vision and answers her just as if she had stood before him. “I was touching the water which says that in the east, the sky is burning and it doesn’t feel good” J’ska was worried, more and more rebellion had raised and whatever technical advancement they brought to this world the titan gods, their own allies and god kings turned against them and stole everything to the cost of lives and the lives of new generation hybrid children.

Gilgamesh was stronger, his nervous system grew through the back of his spine, all the way out of his skull leaving the image of a thick and lustrous hair. He was perfect, as J’ska said. He could fight an army or tame a lion, without any effort. He was also the enemy target. They said that when Gilgamesh fall, the city will fall.

However, Gilgamesh was fearsome. If any man or woman could prove that they were a friend of him, they would be left alone and not fought down. For Gilgamesh, talked to the Gods in the sky and the Gods came to him carrying lightning and thunder, creating storms when they arrived.

Gilgamesh could spend hours each day, connected to J’ska and to the earth spirit and he also helped the Nephilim’s gather supply to the fleet. There were tables filled with grapes and fruit, there were buckets of metal and cloth and as thanks to the community, the technical development and social codes increased among the inhabitants.

Gilgamesh turned back from the river that evening to the sunset cave, a great tower built by the first hybrids of Dilmun, the carp headed titans, those who came from the sea, the specialists of rock building – the Apkallu. They lived with and taught the simple man all he needed to know, they were educated and technically advanced. They taught about civilization, Me and medicine but, best of all they knew agriculture and how to build these amazing cities in stone. They built the enormous stone structures in lakes and then leveled it, by lowering or increasing it. They could turn the water as they saw fit.

Gilgamesh amazed at the sight, it looked like a mountain from a distance but, when he came closer he could see that rooms and walls surrounding the tower had been carved out from the hard stone. Pillars rose from floor to ceiling and in the top of the mountain a fountain of light cascaded brightly towards the stars.

Gilgamesh saw as he came closer, two guardians by each side of the wall opening standing like giant statues warning anyone who came too close that this is what they will fight if they mean to enter without a citizenship.

Gilgamesh was concerned about the fire in the east that Gaia had let him see and through the cloth covered stone city he walked to the top of the tower. He saw his likes closing the surrounding doors in their homes as he passed by, some nodded in respect. When he entered the Great hall of light at the top of the mountain he saw his father God, Lugalbanda. “Why are you here”? Gilgamesh said and was surprised that the old but first of the hybrid Gods paid him a visit after so many years.

Lugalbanda looked at his son “I know you will ask our fathers for more strength by the holy light but, each time you gain more power son, I can feel through Gaia, holy mother of gods that you are changing”. Gilgamesh had noticed a small disturbance within himself but he didn’t concern too much about it. – It’s controllable he said as he knelt in the light. -This light, his father said, was not supposed to strengthen you, it was supposed to bring life to hybrids made by our hand. Lugalbanda put his hand on Gilgamesh shoulder but Gilgamesh swiftly shook it off. – Who, he said with the spoken word, will save our gods and titans from the gods and titans we ourselves created now that our world is burning, in all my knowledge of three languages I also feel you father and you are losing your strength to shield your people!

Within seconds Gilgamesh started to glow and the veins on his neck pulsated in heat, all broken up like turns of the river and blue to the color. He rose and turned around with such great power that the Hall of Light came upon like thunder, he grabbed his father by the neck and pushed him against the stone wall and said with the spoken word – I will do your job fool, I have a rebellion to depress, I will suffocate the insolent bastards, no more Gods than you with your cowardliness.

Lugalbanda opened a link to J’ska “stop Gilgamesh, stop my son”! J’ska got the order as she went to the nursery to check the progress of the neel lizards. You don’t say no to Lugalbanda since he spent so many years in man years, as a good God and King. She wished that she could have heard Gaia too but, Gaia was ascended from earth and the mother of the hybrids and therefore not connectable without one.

J’ska returns as quickly as she can to the bridge and with a movement of her hand she sends an electric shock through Lugalbanda that makes Gilgamesh get electrified and shot back. He lost his grip and fell down. J’ska ask Lugalbanda “show me what you see”.

Lugalbanda blocks J’ska this time. He recovers from the loss of air “I love you my son, this is one of the gifts we were blessed with, don’t lose this” he says. Gilgamesh tries to feel but feel nothing, he only remembers feelings and suddenly he realises that he lost contact to Gaia. -I will do what is needed of me, he say with the spoken word.

Author Christine Djerf