Tanzania:Mining Firm Seeks Goodwill From Villagers in Mara


Tarime — Acacia mining is advocating for a mutual relationship between the villages surrounding the mine and its North Mara Gold, which is currently ring-fenced due to security.

The mine acting general manager, Mr Sam Pobee, said the wall must be removed through an improved relationship between the mine and the host community, after long term battles and confrontations between the two sides.

“We are making efforts to ensure that we have a good relationship with host communities through good terms and I believe that one day, there would be no wall,” he said.

Mr Pobee was speaking during the company’s employees’ Family Day.

Speaking at the event, Serengeti District Commissioner Nurdin Babu said there would not be sustainable development at the area if there was no good relationship between investors and the community.

He also asked the surrounding communities to avoid unnecessary conflicts, to ensure peace and harmony, adding that sustainable development could only be attained at places where there were no conflicts and chaos.

The mine’s general manager, Ms Janet Reuben, commended the government on its efforts to make sure that there was peace in the country.

Heard from https://allafrica.com/stories/201810280013.html


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