US Ambassador Huntsman Names Issues Vital to US-Russian Unity

The Victory spacesuit, hand-painted by cancer patients in Russia and the United States, was showcased at Huntsman’s residence in Moscow amid US Independence Day celebrations….

First International Science Games Open in Yakutsk

The impressive opening ceremony involving ethnic performers and dance companies highlighted Yakutia’s unique specifics and culminated in an all-out flash mob….

England Football Fan Robbed by Moscow Taxi Driver

According to reports, on Sunday, a 57-year-old fan turned to the police with a statement that he had lost a Rolex wristwatch, iPhone and…

World Famous Russian Conductor Rozhdestvensky Dead at 87

Rozhdestvensky’s death was confirmed by Moscow’s Tchaikovsky Conservatory on Saturday, without additional details regarding the location or cause of the death of the famed Moscow-born…