Blinking Amber Lights Drift South in Shape of “5 on Dice.”

Location of Sighting: Eugene, OregonDate of Sighting: April 21, 2018Time of Sighting: 8:15 PM PDT Description: My 22 year old son and I were in a parking lot at our apartment building. I was wishing him a good drive home. I noticed a non-blinking amber light, much like a planet Continue Reading

Stationary Object With Red, Blue & White Blinking Lights.

Location of Sighting: Fairview, GeorgiaDate of Sighting: May 16, 2019Time of Sighting: 9 PM EDT Description: I have seen the stationary red, blue and white blinking lights on this object for months now. I wondered if it was the space station, but when I looked that up it wasn’t in Continue Reading

Object With Pulsating Red-Blue-Green-Yellow Lights in Circle.

Location of Sighting: Jacksonville, FloridaDate of Sighting: April 29, 2019Time of Sighting: 9:45 PM EDT Description: Last night I saw this object in the north sky over Jacksonville, FL. It had pulsating lights, red-blue-green-yellow in a circle around a white light center. I went and got my wife and we Continue Reading

Multiple Pin Points of Light Move All Over Sky.

Location of Sighting: Redwood City, California Date of sighting: 5/9/2019 Time of Sighting: Starting at 10 PM PDT Description: I saw multiple Pin points of lights flying above Redwood City, CA. My wife and two neighbors confirmed what I was seeing. There were too many lights to count. I only Continue Reading

2 Orange Glows Appear, Disappear & Reappear.

Location of Sighting: North Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaDate of Sighting: May 8, 2019Time of Sighting: 9:40 PM EDT PHOTO & ENLARGEMENTS OF 2 GROUPS OF ORANGE LIGHTS. Description: We are at North Myrtle Beach, SC. The time was about 9:40 PM and we were looking East over the ocean. We Continue Reading

Bright Objects Found in Background of Photo.

Location of Sighting: Lumberton, North CarolinaDate of Sighting: March 12, 2019Time of Sighting: 7:12 PM EDT Bright Objects Found in Background of Photo. Description: A woman’s daughter was taking photos of the sunset from her car. She later found bright objects in the background of the photo. Note: The objects Continue Reading