Swedish Corruption and No Go Zones! We are falling apart while the government hunt the poor!

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ChristineCleopatra D, Stockholm// It is not a secret anymore that Sweden are in a recession. It started in 2013 with companies closing their door to extern worker’s and seemed to exchange people within their network or family and friends. This was noticeable to everyone, and an indicator to the government that something was wrong. The Panama Affairs steered away billions abroad and still do, but jump bank accounts and countries. Notice this, those who empty the “cash register” in Sweden are rich people!

Corruption, Pixabay

In 2015, Transparency International flagged about the growing corruption in Sweden (still it is those in power that conduct the corruption scam on the people), they said that with increased differences in wealth and more noticeable corruption, the crime rate will increase. Non of the political parties of Sweden, wanted to take action against corruption. One possible reason for this is that corruption are so tangled up with everyday work, that without it, it will be hard to conduct business.

During the fraudulent behavior with emptying Sweden’s “cash register”, the government found new ways to replace the money. Less welfare and higher taxes. Although, the higher taxes was not meant to mend the growing holes in the welfare system, it was and is only to pay the EU bill and other questionable activities. The municipals rather pay consultants $15K monthly than providing shelter for the homeless and economic support to the poor.

One of the consultants was a mentor for the man in charge, in one of the municipals. The same man complained that the money was gone and wanted the Government to step in with more funding.

While more and more people lose their jobs in Sweden, poverty rates explode, homeless people are flooding the streets, people are denied unemployment insurance, health insurance, -the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his financial politician in charge Magdalena Andersson claimes that the ones to blame for this situation, are the less fortunate!

Instead of spending money in solving crimes, funding education, creating jobs, building affordable apartments the Swedish IRS hunt the poor for the one part debts their new poverty caused them, and 10 000 times interest rate, which cause the person in debt, obligation to pay until he or she dies! If you are not rich in Sweden, your possibilities to a decent life decrease per week you are still alive.

Swedish Television published 2018, this information about what the Paradise Leak Money could have gone to:


● Defense for 16 months (about SEK 50 billion per year)

● Police system for almost three years (about SEK 26 billion per year)

● All research at universities and colleges (just over SEK 60 billion per year)

● Municipal childcare (approximately SEK 70 billion per year)

● SEK 70 billion also corresponds to the entire Swedish retail trade in December.

Four days ago, Daily Industry published that Transparency International are warning about increased corruption. If TI is that trustworthy, I am not sure of because, they’ve been saying the same thing for the past 5-year now. And just yesterday, they claimed that there were no corruption in Municipals. Maybe it is time to confront our politicians and just ask – where are our money? Because those 70-700 billion Swedish Kronor yearly and in the Paradise Leak (Panama) must cause enormous pain and poverty to the Swedish people!


“Nothing in the Municipals” https://www.dagensps.se/bors-finans/bank/bank-och-finanssektorn-drar-sverige-i-smutsen/

To this, we then add the enormous amount of 700 billion

Procurement is often corrupt ”

“Procurement is a hot topic of debate, while interest in submitting tenders is cooler than ever. A growing market worth SEK 700 billion annually should attract more and more bidders, if it were not for the well-known “dirty little secret” that the process is usually corrupt, writes Max Gustaf Segerström, real estate company Aura Communities”.

”Upphandlingar är ofta korrupta”

In Uppsala University the Swedish Professor says to the opposite of Tranceparency International, that corruption and bribery is far more used today in municipals than ever before.

“Corruption and bribery are not something we usually associate with Sweden, and above all not at the municipal level. But it is far more widespread than most people are aware of. “I hear about at least one corruption scandal a week,” Olle Lundin, professor of administrative law at Uppsala University, told fPlus”. And Olle are not alone, a lot of us know where our pension funds went!


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