South Africa: ‘We Are Not a Climate Doubter’, Insists Sasol As It Pivots to Gas

South Africa’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the private sector says it is not a climate denier and it plans to cut its emissions by 10% from current levels by 2030. Gas will play a key role in this pivot.

Petrochemicals giant Sasol has come under fire for its CO2 output, which at 56 million tonnes per year exceeds that of many developing economies. In South Africa, only state-owned power utility Eskom, with its heavy reliance on coal, is a bigger emitter. That has made Sasol a target of conservationists and raised concern among investors at a time when it has had to deal with other sticky issues such as massive cost overruns at its Louisiana chemicals project, a delay in the unveiling of its results, and the departure of its two CEOs.

The company said this week in its sustainability report that it aims to reduce those emissions by 10% by 2030, with gas exploration and production seen as playing a big role.

“We are not a climate doubter,” Gilbert Yevi, Sasol’s VP for exploration and production, said at a media briefing on Wednesday at the Africa Oil Week conference in Cape Town. “We believe that we need to…


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