Residents flee for safety as military kills six, destroys houses in Matoh (Southern Cameroons or Ambazonia)

Reports say the village of Matoh now appears to be desert following military invasion Wednesday morning.

Matoh is situated in Konye Sud Division, Meme of the South West Region.

A source in the area told Mimi Mefo Info that at least six persons are feared dead and several houses destroyed.

Residents are now seeking refuge in bushes, sources on the ground have said.

“As I write to you now, everyone in Matoh is in the bush as the military invaded the town at about 5:00 am today. I can’t really tell you how the people are doing in the bushes,” a frightened civilian said.

Another source who is out of the area says his family cannot be reached on mobile.
“I have not heard from my people who are there due to network difficulties. The military invaded the village in three directions(roads). The people were taken by surprise.”

Matoh has been under military siege following a shootout between forces and Ambazonian fighters. The people say the world needs to know about their story and come to their rescue.

Bafmeng, another locality in Menchum Division in the restive North West Region is also in chaos. Inhabitants have accused the military of burning houses Wednesday July 24, 2019. “They stormed the village in the morning, we are all in fear, others on the run. We donot know why they are targeting civilians,” a source on the ground lamented.

Hundreds of villages are now in ruins as soldiers continue to confront pro independence fighters in the restive regions.

Mimi Mefo Info

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