Nigeria: Buhari’s Govt Wants You To Know That Better Things Will Come

Cape Town — Will Nigeria ever be great?

The Nigerian government has posted a video on its Twitter account, telling its citizens that “Good things are happening in Nigeria; Better things will yet come”, but how true is this assertion?

The audio says:
“Go tell it on the mountain. Why Nigeria must celebrate, rather than denigrate. Go tell it on the mountain. Over the sea and everywhere. Those are the words of a popular song and as a full-blooded Nigerian, I believe we as a people have good stories we can tell, despite the challenges of the times. Yes, Nigeria has serious challenges but what country doesn’t…”

Shortly after the “documentary” was posted tweeps took to their timelines to share their thoughts. Many were not amused.

@Wekins_faith – Is this supposed to be a joke because I’m trying so hard to list the good things happening in Nigeria in head as I didn’t see any in the video

@manofmanypart – It’s actually the opposite. Terrible things are happening in #Nigeria

@sizzlingcold – I laugh in border closure

@JerryMcpeter – “I remember the songs: Go tell it on the mountain over the sea and everywhere (that Jesus Christ is Lord)” And “Count your blessing name them one by one…” They are Church songs! Did Pastor @ProfOsinbajo write this documentary. Joke apart stop this nonsense!!!

It’s crystal clear that Nigeria has some serious challenges that need to be addressed ASAP. These include security challenges (Boko Haram and farmer-herder clashes). The violence has killed thousands of people and forced more than two million from their homes. The government has agreed that it still have challenges but…

Inflation, rising debt, shortage of electricity and Nigeria has seen a rise of kidnappings.

Nigeria is still regarded as one of the most corrupt nations in the world. The government reminds the majority that Buhari has vowed to continue his crackdown against corrupt officials.

Border closures are not making it easy for ordinary Nigerians who survives by trading. The government tried to justify the closure saying that they closed the borders due to smuggling and other illegal trade. They said the borders had become too porous and were being exploited by Nigerians and foreigners to smuggle contraband in and out of Nigeria.

Nigeria has become the poverty capital of the world. At least 90 million people live in extreme poverty across the country. A report by a non-governmental organization Oxfam International ranked Nigeria low on poverty eradication and gender equality, negatively impacting the nation’s economic growth. But there is hope. President Muhammadu Buhari assured Nigerians that the next four years will focus on improving the lives of people. Buhari also said that he is aware of the dangers of insecurity to the economy and blamed the insecurity in the country on political elite and religious leaders.

So what can Nigerians go on tell over the mountains about their country?

The government in the video has asked to Nigerians to look at all the investments coming through in recent years. The documentary mentions that there were massive improvements in rail, roads, airports, bridges across the country. It added that agriculture received a boost as well. Nigeria is now “well-sufficient in rice and other grains and no longer import saving billions of dollars”.

Even though political and economic turmoils plagues Nigeria, some of its citizens are somehow still optimistic.

@femiadegbulugbe – Excellent video. Nothing but the truth. Hope to see more of this

@luvday4real – Yes! I am just touched now! Nigeria will be great! We r moving n gradually we will get there! God bless FRN. God bless my president!

@RMM2703 – I agree that it is high time we start seeing things from the national prism rather than from politico-ethno dimensions in this country. Nigeria should be our main concern. To say the least, it is commendable that this is coming from the government.

@bbarbbz – I strongly believe NIGERIA will rise again


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