Malawi: Community Demands Corporate Social Responsibility From Chinese Mining Firm

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A community in Mzimba is demanding a clear contract with a Chinese gemstone mining firm over social responsibility programs.

Informal gold mining in Malawi is helping the locals, but raising government eyebrows

Group village headman Mchapasalu Mtika said there was need to have a clear contract on the issue so that the community knows exactly how they will benefit from their minerals which are being mined in the area.

“The Chinese have agreed that they will do the corporate social responsibility but we want this to be put in writing,” he said.

The demand comes barely days after the government closed down a gemstone mine in Chitipa following communities outcry over corporate social responsibility in the area.

The communities felt the mining firm was cheating on their social responsibility programs.

The closure of the mine comes barely a day after police impounded a truck full of gemstone minerals which were on its way to China.

The vehicle and the gemstone remains parked at Chitipa police station.

Police officer-in-charge for Chitipa Aubrey Kawale said discussions on the matter failed to take place on Tuesday because the

director of the Chinese mining firm is reportedly outside the country.

Communities at Mbilima village in chief Mwaulambya’s area wants the company to commit itself in corporate social responsibility which include construction of roads, school blocks, clinics, among others.

They accuse the company of exporting the minerals to China on the pretext of testing.


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