I have changed yes, but not how many think.
We live in a very evil world, much worse than we could ever imagine, The more truths that emerge after 100 years of lies, the more conscious we become of what huge job we have to correct with everything, so we get the world we deserve.

For my part, I associate myself more with Buddhism where one looks at the goodness of people, animals and nature in between.
I do not despise those who have chosen to follow the Bible but, I believe in action, not that prayers help us, because then it will be as we are today, we hope that someone else does what we are set to do.

To just pray that everything will be good and save us from all evil when the devil work 24/7, that can never be a solution, and we are definitely not put on this earth to have holiday all our lives.
Human beings have had holiday for 100 Years, and the evil power in the world have worked full time to deceive us and have done a terrible job to succeed with their tasks. 

It is time we realize, that we are the generation who got the truth been served after all years, and then we must jointly fight all lies and get rid of those that guide us and our world in the very wrong direction, BEFORE we lose everything even for future generations.

Yes we, unlike our parents and grandparents, now have the task to find out from the decade we have lived in, and that it is we who have got a good upbringing (most in any case) and who have escaped being indoctrinated at kindergarten, school and at the workplace, we have the benchmark so we know how it must work, unfortunately our children and grandchildren have not received that leadership, because we did not have time for them, we left that generation to society to raise them, which has made them kindly obedient as do not know how a society works.

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It is time that we all realize the facts, and take note of knowledge, discuss readings and act together, for SOMEONE has come to teach and to lead us, but that SOMEONE cannot save us and our world, that is our task, something that next generation will NOT be able to manage, so if we will leave us behind a world worth living in, then we have to start and work on it NOW.


Heard from janpetersson.webstynx.com/2019/03/10/i-believe-our-saviors-are-here-now-and-you-know-who-i-mean-donald-trump-and-q/