Hi everyone nice people who know it’s obvious that we live on a globe. 
Yes, just imagine how ships disappear on the horizon, is not the evidence called something? 
And they disappear in both angles X and Y, right? 
Stop, it does not work, he he, now we were helping the flat earthers. 
Of course, what we look straight is the X-axis where the boats disappear because THERE is the curvature, the Y-axis is when we see 5 miles in each direction, which is then the horizon, so peace of cake and so that argument was cleared. 

Some scientists who are not on Freemason’s payroll, they have proven that radar, laser, sound waves and camera lenses find their spouse 5 miles from point from A to B, and that there would be evidence that there is no curve, so pitiful arguments ha ha ha , they have never heard of the word gravity invented by Isaac Newton, who was included on Fremason’s payroll list. 

Okay, the proof is only in mathematical formulas but they are good enough, it works in math so you get an answer and it actually works, so told my math teacher and gave me the example: 
-If you have an apple and You get an apple, you have two apples. 
– Neigher, Svenne took one so I only have one apple. 

I got disapproved in maths that term because I questioned the obvious. 

Gravitation yes, the plan of rescue we can never forget, because of course, the bullet bends from the shooter so that it hits its goal, the same with the cannon ball, but they must check a compass, like the shooter, so that you can shoot with the rotation of the globe, otherwise you know, that Oskar should shoot the moose in the wrong direction, so he got his bullet in the forehead and died on the spot. 
Captain Bengtsson was even worse because his compass fouled when he shot his gun so he made a hole in one in himself. 

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Well, you all know what it’s like when it’s cold in the winter, and you like a man pissing in a headwind, it’s going to be hot for ten minutes, then you’ll be freezing double. 

Laser, camera lenses and manual gyro have a mounted chip that bends rays, lenses and straightens gyro in the curve, so it’s not visible on it, Newton invented the chip already in the 16th century to keep gravity theory alive until today’s date.
So whoever does not know that such a well-known scientist is entitled that everything is straightforward, it must be properly pledged inside the pan root. 

1642-1727 lived Isaac, so around 1720 he invented gravity, something all researchers missed for thousands of years, but the Jesuit Order, 200 years earlier, invented the globe because it fits into their creation story, they were self-confident that Isaac received the Nobel Prize of the Freemasont- people who sit there and decide. 

But then it took 220 years before the globehystery got real speed, it was 1947 when explorer Byrd led the operation High Jump, and took a jump with his plane over the high icefall covering our seas and 7 continents and into the unknown, where he found an undiscovered continent large like the United States with surrounding seas, as he also told on television but he did not receive, because this well-respected man had a duty of confidentiality. 

Now it was not so busy to explain that the globe had got a tail, something that hung out of the globe that had already begun to be manufactured, in different colors and sizes of continents as it has been every year since then. 
But I have the right globe, because my cat became tanned when I pulled the door once again, and the whole cat was not in completely, so I glueed the tail on my globe so I got it right, and sprayed the tail with gravity bought at ICA, so Ii became a nice tailfly when I threw away the globe through the Universe. 

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Has it got the name that everything is so concentrated globally today, that some controls and the masses are copies, what kind of globalization do we hear every day?

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