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BACKGROUND: In 2006 I began to build on an idea! I was devastated to see how borders between countries was used to spread fake news. Since we were not in Iraq or Sudan or India, our media outlets could easy propagate for political purposes or just earn through clickbait news.

Reporters could take old pictures from war and incidents and paste them together with a news story. We had no possibility to know if this was true or not. I understood that what was showing in Sweden and US, was not the same as what was happening in the countries concerned.

THE OUTLETS: So I began to build a news outlet that shared information from 5000 newspapers world wide. This year between July and August, I had over 20 million readers.

20 million readers from feeds
20 million readers from feeds

The main website have over 30 000 subscribers and growing each day. The need for a clean search made me build a search engine where we easily can compare headlines. Just enter the question and it will find the newspapers for you.

In the future I want to be able to sell VR rooms, advertising and promotion, keeping tranceparency and information free for everyone.

PLAN AND WHAT YOU WILL FUND: My plan is to take the news outlet into the future with VR (virtual reality) with or without VR glasses. You will when I am done, be able to walk inside the news! Really inside the news.

When you enter the page, you will be directed to your own world of information – it will be connected to your choices, no one elses (as an extern brain that you can connect to) and here you can “talk” to the news directly. Ex, the newscast you chose, is about a war. When you do not understand what is happening you say “what is that?” and this trigger a “library” that answers your question.

We will be able to convert all video’s from around the world to 3D/Virtual Reality. Not only 360 but full “first shooter” experience!

FAKE NEWS ELIMINATION: Since the entire new VR experience is connected to a major library, like a world bank of information, there are no possibility for newspapers and journalists to fake news. 

OBSTACLES: I began to build this experience with “Opensim” in february this year but do to a malware (virus in the software update), the test server crashed two weeks ago.

COMPETITION: Non! Since this is a entierly new way of using VR, nothing already published can be used.

FUNDING WILL DO: With the fundings, the environment  can be created that are needed and this will finance the production for one year (Expected  launch the new news platform in October 2019). The fundings will also guarantee quality and sustainability.

NEWS OUTLETS: Webstynx (the main news outlet and it produce up to 1000 new articles from around the world each week). I run Newspalace Press Releases that offer free for all press releases but also a paid very big version. Icepi Paparazzi, which is a new website that sell articles and leads to smaller journalists, to give them a chance to compete. I run Nyhatspalatset that share Swedish news.

PLAN: Webstynx have been enrolled (on which VR shall be built) to a building platform and will begin building the software design.

USEFULNESS: Walking inside the news will give us a deeper connection to what is going on. Being able to communicate with a international library of information will educate (imagine using this resource for online education) us and this as total will minimize the over use of fake news for money.