From Bad To Worse 2019-2020: Swedish Healthcare System Downed

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Swedish people have never in history paid more taxes – soon they will even be paying tax on their wedding gifts! No, this is not a joke (TAX ON WEDDING GIFTS)! The Social Democrats and Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, has managed to down the entire state. Welfare cut in half, more than 1 million people homeless according to housing cues, people dying in line to medical care, social welfare to only a few while the rest perish and all money to companies and executives.

When this was warned about in 2015, only those on the outer premises, away from safety and a normal life was effected, and few if even any believed in the upcoming fall of the state. Then more and more hospitals was put down, more and more people got less help, and now 1000 of the Stockholm healthcare personnel are being laid off!

The real irony of the situation is that we all know that the money goes to politicians, private investors and consultants instead of salary to nurses and medical physicians, doctors. The Stockholm Helathcare say’s they’ve now had enough and will march through Stockholm this Saturday, December 14, 2019.

They are saying that Swedish healthcare are long overdue for overhaul and repair, and instead of repairing, the Government are dismantling the entire healthcare system. We are in chock! This affects the entire population of Sweden and we want a stop to the experiments being practiced on us in the Stockholm region!

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Nu har vi i Stockholms vård fått nog.

Storvarsel och omorganisationer blev droppen som fick bägaren att rinna över. Facebook-gruppen Stockholms sjukvårdsupprop består av sjukvårdspersonal och den 14:e december marscherar vi genom stan tillsammans med patienter och medborgare för att visa vårt missnöje över de beslut, varsel och organisationsförändringar som kommer skapa patientosäkerhet, förlänga vårdköerna och i slutändan drabba inte bara våra sjukaste och sköraste patienter, utan hela befolkningen.

Vården behöver rustas upp, inte ner. Varslen måste dras tillbaka med omedelbar verkan. En omställning till vård närmare befolkningen kan omöjligen framtvingas genom neddragningar på sjukhusen. Till att börja med måste det ske genom investeringar i vårdcentralerna. Vi vill se ett slut på experimentverkstaden i Stockholms sjukvård. Som vårdpersonal vet vi mest om hur sjukvården bör organiseras, men vi behöver resurser att göra det och inflytande över hur det ska gå till. Patientsäkerheten är visst hotad!

Alla är välkomna att gå med i detta fredliga tåg.

Ta gärna med plakat, men vi vill inte ha några partipolitiska symboler och inte heller några personangrepp.

Klockan 12:00 samlas vi på Mynttorget och lyssnar på några talare. Ca 12:50 går vi från Mynttorget, via Riddarhuset, Vasabron, Tegelbacken, Stadshuset, Hantverkargatan fram till Landstingshuset, där manifestationen avslutas med ytterligare tal.”

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“Now in Stockholm we have had enough.

Mass Notice, and reorganization became the drop that made the beaker run over. The Facebook group Stockholm Healthcare Call consists of healthcare professionals and on December 14 we march through town with patients and citizens to show our dissatisfaction with the decisions, notice and organizational changes that will create patient insecurity, extend the care queues and ultimately not only affect our sickest and craziest patients, without the entire population.

The care needs to be equipped, not down. The notifications must be withdrawn with immediate effect. A change of care to the population closer to the population can probably not be forced through hospital reductions. For starters, this must be done through investments in health centers. We want to see an end to the experimental workshop in Stockholm’s healthcare. As healthcare professionals, we know most about how healthcare should be organized, but we need resources to do so and influence how it should go. Patient safety is certainly threatened!

Everyone is welcome to join this peaceful train.

Feel free to include posters, but we do not want any party political symbols and no personal attacks.

At 12:00 we gather at Mynttorget and listen to some speakers. About 12:50 we go from Mynttorget, via Riddarhuset, Vasabron, Tegelbacken, Stadshuset, Hantverkargatan to Landstingshuset, where the manifestation ends with further speeches. “

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