Crises Are Coming: Stop Dismantling Our Society!

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It is a great joy for me that despite the sad situation in Sweden, I have come this far (I became unemployed, evicted, barred from studying and started to rebuild my world). It is with the role models and representatives of human rights and against corruption like Kofi Annan, I have been given the strength to continue. If I had had Kofi in front of me, here right now, I would have shown my utmost respect.

From what I learned from him, I have understood HOW much the struggle for human rights means. It doesn’t matter if the fight goes on all life, if it does, Then the fight is needed and as long as the fight is needed, there is injustice to fight. 

It is about faith in the future, optimism and belief in one’s own strength – there is every opportunity in the world to make a change. It is time to listen to the people now, it is time to believe as much as I have believed in Kofi Annan. 

It is time to bring corruption to the darkness it once came out of. We cannot save everyone if we are to save luxury over welfare, if we are to build weapons instead of schools, if we are to arm ourselves to protect ourselves from death instead of, to prepare the best possible way through life.

Through our crisis today, the issues surrounding NATO are also growing, but, I will always stand by and with all my heart continue to believe, the neutrality policy our country once was built upon. This was an independent country, -Sweden-, and could continue to rest safely in the already strong defense that contributes to peace and stability in Europe. We, the people want to maintain peace by all means. Confidence in our will and ability to maintain neutrality must be revived and restored. 

It must not, as has happened several times now, create suspicion or fear that Sweden would ever want to abandon its neutrality. This is the doing of corruption and hunger for power and more money to personal bank accounts. We must stand as a united nation, a backbone around these bases. Our former neutrality was an invaluable source and breakthrough to the world’s turbulence of ​​conflicts today.

It is also a sign that we TOGETHER want to invest in life ahead, before death.

We must – in the case of the dramatically heavy prospects of fully dismantled welfare – begin to make lasting changes. The economic situation in Sweden is in a format where neither savings nor higher taxes have a greater impact than artificial respiration. 

We need to start reviewing our assets and in what areas we can become strong again. We have to get a chance to take part in the world’s economic race, right now we are running against time! We are running away from the politicians that hold the people’s money, for we are scared to hurt even more. Instead we should run towards them and take the power back!

The existing government (Social Democrats) took over power in a catastrophically serious situation for Sweden. The economy has been weakened during many years, and until today 2019 the downturn has been further strengthened. No hope in the dark or bright spot for the economy is longer visible, in either the Swedish economy or the International. Outside and in Sweden, the economy continues to suffer in an increasingly messy crisis and with an ever-rising unemployment rate. Investment in industry and development has declined significantly and therefore means continued low growth and FURTHER rising unemployment. We have fundamental structural imbalances in our economy today and Our foreign trade shows a continued high undercapacity, while the deficit in the state budget is rising. 

The country’s total production is more or less in silence and is weaker than in any other comparable country. We have invested more in developing and providing the public sector so that industry, production and exports completely, have come to an end. The ongoing stagnation means that the very foundation of what our welfare was based on has been eroded from poor economy to pure poverty for more than 1 million people in Sweden. 

This, while our capacity to repay large foreign loans weakens by the hour. 

The truth about employment is that the opportunities for work are deteriorating at a rapid rate, this is something the unemployed experience every day. We currently have record levels in the shortage of vacancies and if we continue on this path without reorganization and new thinking, this will mean disaster situations within a couple of years. We must force the authorities to revive the closed industries again. It does not help to put tax relief on the only survivors. We simply have to start over from the beginning. 

In Sweden, we must subsidize the start-up of industry, all new production and development above the result of a boom in the 1980s. Sweden’s population and the country’s sovereignty must be financially protected and, increasingly, we must be able to rely on the survival of business. The turmoil everyone knows today, creates discontent and distrust for the future. We must change this now. The foreign loans have contributed to the erosion as it is just too easy to continue to replenish the broken piggy bank, instead of repairing the damage. We must change economic policy. 

We must try to stop the evil trend now, and give everyone an economical guarantee for the future, a promise of decent old age and without cutting down on our citizens – we must secure the welfare AND the urgency. We simply need to unite our entire nation and gather all our resources in the fight against unemployment and against the dismantling of society.

ChristineCleopatra Djerf Dec, 2019

The Video is here to show how many powers contribute to dismantling a society. The teacher is a Russian defector. You can not interpret this video, the Swedish problems has nothing with Russia to do. This video only illustrate how it is done. Weak leaders (power hungry, stupid or ignorant) bite the bait and help the negative forces in predefined directions without realizing where it is heading.

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