Due to non-visable terms, policy, conditions and legal information about redistributing articles, we “Nyhetspalatset (Webstynx)” have been notified to delete all information, pictures and articles from XXX.COM. Instead of giving us an notice, they had the power to shut the site down. Nyhetspalatset (Webstynx) is a free public, non-profit gathering of news sources. We do not claim any rights to published material unless it is written by us and solely us. Our own published pictures are unique taken by us or fetsched where creative commons apply. We do not buy pictures and all pictures you see in any aggregated news belongs to the article and the news source. We do not “save” articles. We do not have a library of old articles. Everything published are deleted ones per week. We share but we do not distribute anything ourselves. Everything shared from Nyhetspalatset (Webstynx) will seize to exist after one week. Our mission is to present news from different countries, from news sources without changing them. We believe that altered news (second hand information explained a second, third and fourth time, including dubious translations) are fake news. If you (as a publisher) do not agree with us promoting your source, please let us know and we will remove your feed. No need to take anything above that. As we say, aggrigated articles are not ours.