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Did you lock yourself out  your mobile phone? 📴

Did you lock yourself out your mobile phone? 📴

Actually, I didn’t exactly lock myself out! 6 months ago, I decided to change mobile phone. My old one worked just fine, but the charger was broken. Living out in the woods, there are fewer opportunities to find a new charger, and the neighbors here are the ones you see in scary movies.

If You don’t want to read everything to find the solution, I give it to you here – sign in and turn all locks off!

I am a city woman, who fell straight through the Matrix and ended up, on my nose in the middle of nowhere! Not bad for a 49 year old “girl”! I fought the government, my kids won (I took their battle), I got catapulted far far away.

Anyway, I have a tendency to exaggerate, one neighbor came to my aid and gave me a new phone. Good, now I have a charger and 3 phones (one I use for internet).

A few weeks ago I decided to change my phone number. Working as a journalist/technician/single divorcee on the look out for a man – my phone became a stress factor.

Nope, that’s not really true. I found a less expensive operator!

So, today was the big day to change the SIM-cards in the phones, when I suddenly remembered my dear Samsung 8!

I thought to myself, why not give it a try? I can try to charge with the broken charger. And it worked -hurray! However, before turning it off the last time, I activated a special phone lock. I had just gotten myself a new bank account and to be able to use it via mobile, I had to have a lock containing 4 digits and a letter!

That combo does not work in my mind. It feels mentally like bread crumbs in my socks. But I had no choice. So, I apparently created a code… even though my mind must have said “no, a a…that wont work, nope, no good idea, ahhhh she did it anyway”!

Today, the phone became fully charged and was locked with the special code my mind warned me about. Almost so that I could hear it from a far “told you so”!

I am a technician that like challenges, but not challenges on my account. I need the feedback – aw you are such a good little worker, solving all problems! -That make me purr like a cat after dinner!

I spent more than three hours looking for any kind of solution, when a small bell rang in the back of my head “”, upon which we can unlock all codes ever done on our mobile phones. But you need an account of course!

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