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Breach in Win10 September Update – Vote for Alex Padilla!

Breach in Win10 September Update – Vote for Alex Padilla!

Vote for Alex Padilla

You have probably heard the past couple of days about an increasing amount of ransomware infecting computers globally! Only two days ago I read about how a man died because of it when hospital gear stopped working.

From hackers with ransomware to killers! That is a really big jump. However – Webstynx has been shot – my laptop has been in the same target and now I am pretty full of these scumbags destroying peoples lives -literally!

From nowhere (also literally) my laptop forced me to do the latest Win10 update for September (it is odd because I had deleted the entire Windows Update System) and since I couldn’t do anything until I updated – I updated!

Vote 2020

After the update I was asked to go and vote in the 2020 election. You may think this is not a big deal? I will tell you it is because I am a Swedish citizen born in Sweden and living here permanently!

Second deal is that the link lead to a specially designed bing result website made for Alex Padilla! Since I am a internet witch hunter (I hunt hackers) I quickly took a screenprint. And good thing I did for suddenly a new update came along that removed the message but also deactivated my entire computer!

My desktop icons turned to white sheets one by one.

This is the link

And this is what could have happened

Since it messed up my entire computer and forced me to reinstall it – I am not so pleased! And by the – Why promoting the Democrats and not the Liberals?

I mean that this is obviously not the Russians or the Indians or the Chinese or the Iranians!

And for the point the Microsoft update said “2014”!

Christine Djerf/ Webstynx

Secret Language: “Triton” – IIIton

Secret Language: “Triton” – IIIton

To desipher this article, you need to get the code here (it is free): (IIITON)(IIIE)(EFTA) (EFTA)(.)(SHO)(i)(EFTA)(SHO)(IIITON) (VAVA)(.)(VY) (IIITON)(OWN) (VAVA)(RETA)(i)(IIITON)(EFTA), (i)(SHO) (..)(VY) (IE)(i)(RETA)(SHO)(IIITON) (III.)(OWN)(PA)(VY)(i)(YELLOW)(IIE) (IIITON)(IIIE)(EFTA) —> (  ) <— (i)(IIITON) (100)(.)(KA)(EFTA)(SHO) (i)(IIITON) (IIE)(OWN) (IE)(.)(SHO)(IIITON)(EFTA)(RETA)! (i)(YELLOW) (SHO)(i)(1000) (100)(OWN)(YELLOW)(IIITNON)(IIIE)(SHO), (i) (VAVA)(i)(10)(10) (IIITON)(EFTA)(10)(10) (VY)(OWN)(VU) (VAVA)(IIIE)(.)(IIITON) (IIITON)(IIIE)(i)(SHO) (VAVA)(i)(10)(10) (10)(EFTA)(.)(GREEN) (IIITON)(OWN)! (100)(EFTA)(.)(YELLOW) (VAVA)(IIIE)(i)(10)(EFTA), (EFTA)(YELLOW)(JO)(OWN)(VY) (IIITON)(IIIE)(EFTA) (SHO)(IIIE)(OWN)(VAVA)! Continue Reading