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Cyber Crime 🚷: Hackers drain your bank account, without you knowing it!

Cyber Crime 🚷: Hackers drain your bank account, without you knowing it!

This could be the technique Fritzfrog 🍺🐸 Botnet uses!

You need a router for your WIFI, right? From somewhere, a hacker places a USSD code in your routers system, that pings your bank (tries to connect to it), through an online script and server, nestles it way into your internet connection and places its code there and uses your login details to your host or to your connected email addresses.

Here is how I found it:

Two weeks ago, I found that my Windows account, was connected to an email address pretending to be my Gmail. I didn’t see it at first, since it looked like my own Gmail (it was disguised).

It was when I tried to send a videoblogg from my video camera through Win 10, the program opened “mail” but, it wasn’t my Gmail. It was an Outlook mail to “” (something like that, I erased the real one).

That of course woke my suspicions. I turned to email setting in windows and found “me” connected to “my” computer and my internet with 3 exactly the same Gmail addresses. I opened them and voilà there were the weird Outlook email address was hidden.

That started a spin-off effect in my head “oh my God, my internet connection and where does it lead”. So I tried to contact my internet provider, which didn’t work (they do not provide that service), I checked the status of my IP-address, which was good and green.

And finally, I checked my router:

20200827 0921331

There it was! My laptop connected to my wifi with an USSD code. Here is where I tried to ping it, and guess where the code went?

USSD code connected to my PayPal

That´s correct! From my router -> my PayPal -> back to my router for password ->trying to login on PayPal -> status denied! (Thank God)

How do I know it isn’t just my hosts connection for my subscription? Because this is the exactly same technique as the SIM card theft, stealing SIM-Cards used and to take over everything on your phone including passwords and auto logins PIN and PUK code, creating a new account in your name, -similar to the recent breach in Swedish BankID.

Second evidence to that this is NOT normal, is that I don’t use PayPal for anything else than transfer. Nobody knows of my PayPal except Ebay or Amazon and such. There are no money in it and I have a block against hacking. If they hack me, all they can take is maximum $50 anyway.

The hackers don’t know that however, neither does their botnet, and they also do not know what my router is! 🖖

Christine Djerf