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Technique: Translate any page

A really annoying fact when surfing pages (for us who search information) is automatically translated pages and pages that translate with “bing” and pages that don’t translate at all! Reason we don’t wan’t the pages to be automatically translated is that most of us speak more than one languages and a bad translating application is hilariously irritating.

(Screenshot: Editor’s laptop showing amount of manual searches in 4 months)

So, to me the best choice is Firefox’s addon. You click it and the page is translated. However, languages are built in rythm and each country rythm is different, that basically mean that the translation is a straight rip-off the actual words but mean something entirely else. I asked my Syrian friend “why do you say bad things about NN”? He looked at me as a question mark himself and demanded an explanation. I showed him the “facebook bing” translation and he started to laugh -straight out loud! -No, no, noooo my friend “we talked about soccer and spoke about a certain player, like we use slang”! Oh, so now I get it. I had to laugh too…

Note: I have only tried and used the firefox plugin



IE Explorer



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