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WEBSTYNX October 2018

From July 2018 to August 2018 We had a major upswing and spread of articles. WX was read over 20 million times. Due to market instability after the new EU law, prohibiting sharing of information. WX decided to withdraw any sources that we had no formal contract with.

Our goal is sharing information, making information easy accessible and to prohibit altered news through “the knowing of isolation from facts”. Altering facts can be used for many reasons. This when news are originally published on remote places from we are ourselves and the language differ. We then can use this possibility to rewrite happenings of war, of political affairs and so on. We expect the reader from our own country to trust us. 

The concept: WX

WX had no problem with the new law, since it is not the articles in themselves that motivate the enormous spreading, it is the work and the concept behind the news outlet.

Today we are celebrating a first step toward the future of internet and developement. You now have the possibility to read the latest news on WX through the online map. The online map gave us the first 24 hours, twice as many visitors. We are being assured that WX are on the right path! Next move are more futuristic then we have ever tried before. The launch will wait until december 2018 or as late as October 2019.

WX Losing readers

After the removal of the news sources we hit a fall and got as low as, 20.000 readers a month. The fall was not directly worrying for a plan was already layed out. In the beginning of September 2018, we reached the first months goal, we had hoped and planned for 1 million readers rising. By October 1, today, we reached 1,2 million readers. We can proudly say we increased our visibility last month with 200.000 readers.


Christine Djerf 1/10/2018