Angola: Studies for Luanda’s Surface Train Concluded

Luanda — The minister of Transport, Ricardo de Abreu, announced last Wednesday, in Luanda, that studies for the conception of Luanda’s surface railway transportation are concluded.

Speaking at the press conference concerning infrastructure improvement projects in the sector, he said his department is currently consulting with the various organs of the Central Executive and Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL), with a view to moving to the implementation phase of the project.

“It is a challenging project for the province, but we believe that it is an important solution to facilitate mobility”, said the minister.

For this topic, Ricardo de Abreu explained that the solution to Angola’s commuters transportation problem, particularly in Luanda, lies on harmonizing different transportation alternatives.

According to the minister, different transport modes should complement one another, for example the subway, buses, individual and collective taxis, as well as motorcycle taxis should all be in one system and well organized, because each is important for urban mobility.

The major challenge for Luanda, he added, is the creation of a large and adequate transportation network and BRT has long been spoken about, but until 2020 it is on plan to implement an embryo of Urban Rail Transport, which will circulate on the second line of the normal railway transportation system of Luanda.

This equipment is already under test, and is expected to reach Luanda in the second quarter or in the middle of the third quarter of 2020, ready to go into operation.

This transportation system (light rail) will have a significant impact on mobility in Luanda, considering the inflow to the city via Catete locality/ Viana / then Bungo (downtown).

The ministry wants the project to be approved later this year (2019), with a view to launching it with the Luanda Metro Entity consortium, in a public/ private partnership.


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