Adsense Owners Losing Money Due To Hackers and Big Tech Companies Stealing Views!

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The issues are fixed today and this article is to show you the problems all entrepreneurs have with hightech companies and hackers!

Something is stealing our views! WX had up to 20 million views per month in 2018. Total Adsense revenue – $40! You probably recognize this very well. From starting off good, the revenue drops even though the amount of visitors increases!

What about Google’s reponsibility?

Even worse is that what ever you’ve already earned drops too! Easy to think Google Adsense are scamming us and without a communication with their office, we must continue to think so.

Every Adsense advertiser know that complaining to Google is impossible! We only reach someone that has no legal authority to check our accounts and give us back the lost money. On the top of this, by the thousands of advertisers complaining we’re all called out to be ignorant, not knowing how it works or plainly working with traffic-generating-bots!

Letting people advertise on our websites should be in direct contact letting advertisers pay a daily, weekly or a monthly fee. That way, we don’t need to be treated bad by Google or lose revenue through third party plugins, backdoor’s and link injections or simply themes stealing the stream of revenue!

I am going to show you what I found so far!

  1. “Redirection Cookie”, meant to destroy your business, injected through third party plugin or sleeping script, executed when you remove a plugin/theme! Make your reader think that your website is dangerous, if they choose advanced settings and accept anyway, this is what they’ll reach:

2. JETPACK-plugin! I had seen my revenue rise and drop, and went back in history to see when! Before Jetpack, I had a steady stream of visitor’s. After that I had Jetpack installed, the visitor amount decreased to barely non a day! I realized that this was what was going on in early 2019 too. OK, so know I wass on to something. I removed the Jetpack-plugin and got hit with the virus-cookie above! Now you may think it could have been my own cookie? No, I don’t have cookies on my website. WX don’t collect informtion, only third part plugins or themes do or the Google Adsense for my revenue!

What I suspected, I needed to get confirmed from other sources and amongst others this website confirm that even Jetpack know of security risks with the plugin:

To get rid of the cookie, clean your browser!

3. Someone is placing ads on WX that don’t belong to me! That mean someone else is stealing the revenue. Do you recognize your Adsense codes? I didn’t think so, Adsense are actually paying someone else for your work through link injections! That’s why my revenue are dropping on my Adsense account, they are being moved over to someone else! Look at this:

WX has a backdoor linkinjection (The ad is Swedish due to my whereabout it should be in your language with you).

The ad you see in the header do not belong to WX. And going to WX from your mobile phone, the link injection ads are in the bottom. That’s not WX either!

Google Adsense Answer!

So checking in on the false Google Ad I found this script:

uncaught exception: TagError: adsbygoogle.push() error: Only one AdSense head tag supported per page. The second tag is ignored. adsbygoogle.js:43:398
‘src’ attributet för <script> -elementet är tomt. ads:1:1
‘src’ attributet för <script> -elementet är tomt.

“Only one Adsense head tag supported per page” – Looking to where I inserted the Google Script, I have not more than one head tag! In the “Head” I actually have no script at all, neither do I have Adsense in my footer!

As you see in the picture below, Google Adsense have no injections in my menu! This should be easy to detect and to NOT pay other websites revenue for.

Google Adsense can break the look or feel of a website. They are otherwise careful of where they inject any ad. If it becomes a nuisance to the visitors, no one earns!

I found that DigitalOcean had put a Shadow-IP on my IP address. Their IP was spammed-classified, which if, I don’t get rid of, will affect WX reputation! How it came to shadowing IP-addresses. I still don’t know!

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