Add Us!

You thought about how to get more of everything to your website?

Webstynx is absolutely awesome for this purpose! Let me tell you what you can do here as a publisher!

Owning a WordPress site? If so, make it simple and add “Auto iframe” plugin. Create a new page and add any of Webstynx pages to your website, like this:

Simply change “link=xxx” to “link=” for an example. We ALLOW you to embedd us into your media. Each page is its own website and they belong to Webstynx:

Senaste Nyheterna




more will be added…

With more to offer your visitors (without leading them away from your website) the more you will engage -so, this is good for your adsense account! Secondly, when you DO add us to your page, you can apply to become an admin to one or all of Webstynx’s websites. This way you can also promote you own website writing articles, through millions of readers each year and your own visitors will think webstynx server is a part of your website.

Feeds come and go

New feeds are constantly added to Webstynx and its sister sites but, they are also removed because of these reasons:

Removing feeds:

-Website feeds are broken

-Copyright notice (someone may feel that we “steal” content, even if we do not keep anything longer than maximum 3 days and have no storage and we only send visitors back to the original sources)!

-Someone simply ask us to remove a feed

-Feeds are violent, spread racism, engage people in rebellions, are too biased or spread visious, religious or other negative propaganda.

Adding feeds:

Beside our own engagement in finding the best news sources around the world, our readers constantly ask us to add specific feeds!

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