“3”- 2019 The fourth dimension. Part 5

“3”- 2019 The fourth dimension. Part 5

“3”- 2019 The fourth dimension

It couldn’t be a worse year for Elsa. She lost her funding, the Panama affairs spread all over the world like a disease and in this, her employer suddenly didn’t need her.

Everyone seemed to be spying on everyone. Conspiracy theorists spied on the government and the government spied on them. Institutes spied on, both the government and the conspiracy theorists. These institutes also analyzed the behavior of the groups and sold the findings back to the government.

-Here, Elsa had her employment. She was hired by the government to spy on the analysts. It was web of spies and she knew that there were probably someone spying on her too. Beside this, a holy war had started and Elsa found the overall politics and killing hard to accept.

When Snowden was imprisoned for leaking his material -or as it was told, for rape, the vast majority of leakers let slip out worms with the “truth”. This was nothing else but yet a spy program to catch the leakers that actually created problems.

When Elsa had packed her belongings and were to leave the office she had been worked in for the past 5 years, she froze for a bit. The sun shined through the window and sneaky hitting the curtain creating a sign of “3” on the wall. The first paper in her paper stack that she was carrying, was the roman number 3.

This 3, was also a sign on a building wall in Jordan. The special thing was not the “3” itself but, the way it had been created. It was unofficially called “The antenna”! It said to be a cyber link of some sort. Elsa found it while investigating a former CIA agent, now working for the analyst company. When she brought it forth to her boss, things started to crack around her. She was not supposed to talk about the 3 or mention it whatsoever and suddenly she found herself signing an agreement of silence and having to quit her job.

Elsa tried to assure her boss that she stumbled on the “3” by mistake and as far as she was concerned, she already forgot about it. -It didn’t work!

Walking down the hall leaving her office behind, her colleges didn’t say one word. From have been best friends with almost everyone, she now left with the feeling of being a criminal. Something was really wrong.

She open the backdoor on her old volvo and threw the papers in the backseat. The bag lady waved hello and smiled as always but this time, she waved with three fingers? Elsa, hit the brakes on her car as she was about to leave the parking lot. She stared out the side window on the elderly lady but, now no “three” sign.

-I must be so upset over this? She said out loud. Elsa took a deep breath and drove away.

Just entering her apartment, Elsa find a thick envelope on the floor. It says “DON’T READ 3”! In big letters. She dropped her stack of papers and the balancing coffee mug on top, on the floor. Things started to be too obvious that the “3” wanted to be investigated. She knew that messing with the government could actually cost more than a job.

However, “DON’T READ” notes must be read! She thought. It is totally against human nature or any animal too, to be served with suspicious mind riddles to just let them be. It is like taking a cup of hot chocolate below someone’s nose and say “don’t smell”? -It is impossible, not to act on triggers!

She pick the envelope up and opens it. Inside she finds a note and yet another envelope.

“If you are sure that you want to know, then open the next envelope and follow the instructions. If you are not ready to take the consequences, then just burn the envelope without opening it”! Elsa was too curious. Beside what could possible give her consequences in a letter? She should have known better. She knew about the virus worms, about the false leaks and the danger of knowing too much. But, something inside of her didn’t listen to reason.

She opened the second letter and read “touch me”! Below the instruction the “3” sign was painted. Elsa lifted the letter up to be able to study the mark. She saw that the paint had some kind of glass fragments in it.

– I am stupid if I touch, she said out loud. As she was going to place the letter on her kitchen table, when she “accidentally” happened to press her thumb hard on the sign. Now, who could blame her?

Elsa are immediately thrown into a dark bluish light and suddenly she see everything in her apartment like the skeletons of a 3D program. She can see straight through the building walls and out. There on the outside the bag lady stands and she is looking straight back up at Elsa! Elsa throw the letter on the floor and in this instant, her skeleton furniture becomes real again. She looks down on her magic number and read “touch me” again…

Elsa couldn’t help it so she press the “three” once more, she was determined to find out how to use the sign.

Once again standing in a dark bluish computer program, much like Tron but, in her own world and no shifting realities as in Matrix, she spoke out loud “how do I use this”?

Someone is outside

A knock on the door, let her loosen the grip of the “three” letter. As she wasn’t really sure that she heard something, she waits for the next knock. When no more knocking came, she slowly opened the door. The hallway outside as empty as it always was in the middle of the day. She turned around and closed it behind her.

Again, Elsa pressed her thumb on the “three” and her world shifted design. “This is so much as a 3D software” she thought.

“How do I use this”? -she said again.

Once more, someone knocked on the door. Elsa walked carefully on what looked like energy strings without losing her grip of the three this time and utterly suspicious she grabbed the frame of the door knob .

“Hello! I am your guide in this quarter of three. -You need to let me in Elsa, if you want my help”!

A souring light entity outside her door was talking directly to her.

Elsa’s first thought was a memory from an encounter in the Vampire Diaries. Suddenly she became uncomfortably aware of that she compared everything with computer programs, science fictions or other fictive movies. With her heart pounding hard in her chest, she stepped aside and asked the entity to “come in”.

The little bright light soared around her apartment hastefully before it came back to Elsa.

“You are holding the “three””, it said and bumped into her hand. -Yes Elsa replied puzzled.

“Let it go and move yourself to your living room window. -In a few minutes the clock strike twelve p.m and the sun will shine as strongest. -Peel the sign of the paper and place it with the backside on your neck. Lift your hair up and let the sun work…”!

-Does everyone do this that belongs to Three? Elsa asked.

“No time to talk, just do it”! The light entity answered.

Elsa did as it told her to, unwillingly she let go of the sign, she kind of liked the x-ray vision. In what felt like minutes she tried to get the “three” off the paper but, it stuck like a childrens temporary tattoo. Finally, she managed to get it loose. Elsa placed it with the smooth backside on the back of her neck and lifted her hair towards the sun.

She waited, she looked at the kitchen clock, 12… still nothing!

Thinking back on her wild days, she thought “maybe this is only hallucination or vivid imagination” and I am high or something? Just as the last letters in her thought echoes between her brain and her tongue, the sunlight strikes the “3” in an increasing burning sensation, Elsa falls on her knees, grabbing her neck in a pure outburst of pain!

Elsa woke up the day after. She had seen the sign of three and touched it. Feeling it under her thumb, it felt like rubber with sharp glass pieces in. She yawned. She looked at her thumb. Four weeks earlier, she somehow got her thumb caught between the door and the door post. A black nail covered the top of her thumb until today. Piece by piece the nail dropped off. Her date one evening asked her to use nail polish to cover up the ugly black.

Elsa replied “what is most important? My nail or me”? Her date replied “the nail polish…”!

The days after she got fired from work, things were not really normal. She always loved animals, she always fought for children and she never took the side of any abuser…

She remembered one evening when she got home, late from work, how she stumbled upon a seagull baby, in the middle of a work area. The baby had been cast away and in this disaster tried to survive. Elsa went home but an hour later, she went out to help the baby.

She found herself sitting in the decrease of an old school, calling for the bird!

Not everyone tries to help a baby Seagull bird but Elsa did! And Elsa actually got heard! For months to come, all kind of animals followed her or just curiously kept her under watch. She both liked and didn’t like the creepy attention. This reminded her too much of her past life.

Working too much, having bad friends from a poor neighborhood, she got dragged into situations with drugs and abuse. Not that she ever tried anything else than beer, but it became too much and she saw too much bad around her. She’d got stuck in this “too much” situation and it seemed to follow her. If she didn’t “hang out” with her good friends, threats like “concrete boots in the middle of the lake” was posted anonymously to her. With friends like that, government elimination troops wasn’t so bad.

She remembered how she at one point, thought hitmen snuck outside. With too much alcohol in her body, she crawled around the apartment, with a loaded old airgun filled with rice and was ready for battle! 

This “3” thing scared her. What if, she thought, this was only an episode of her lost mind again? Elsa closed her eyes in a vague try to shut her “crazy self” out.

The thing was, how could a shy small town girl end up with the most dangerous and powerful people over and over again. Elsa let her mind wander and remembered mafia, corrupt officers, government bodyguards… She looked at the Three on the floor. -All she ever wanted was to work in an ordinary office or grocery store and go home after work, play some video games and go to sleep. -Actually before she got her job with the government, she applied for a job as a cleaning lady, Elsa remembers and smiles.

Elsa looked at the “3” letter again, it feels closer now. Not that it is closer, but it feels like it is. -She will try again! If the same thing happens, maybe she need to return to her former boss and tell him. The first reason is, this need to be investigated and second, she needs to know that she is not crazy!

She reaches out and picks the paper up. The “3” is gone and slowly she remembers the burning sensation, the pain and how she fell to the floor. Carefully to not hurt her neck even more, she search for the proof with her fingertips on her neck. There it was and it really felt like it was filled with small pieces of sharp glass. She stops for a second and watch her fingers;

-no, no cuts whatsoever!

Elsa press the three again. The daylight turns dark and bluish in an instant.

“My name is J’ska, you are listening to a 6000 year old memory. This is memory has been locked inside your genes. You can only access the memories through “3”. Three is the only 4-dimensional language in the universe. It counts place marks and connection points in anything. With “3” we can build houses of loose atoms and strain electrons to serve as bridges over water or shields instead of walls in outer earth vessels. Only those who carry the gene from the gods can open this gateway. You are probably a great-grandchild to me and with this key, I thank you for contributing to the resurrection of our lost civilization. The “3” is now opened…”

Elsa got excited -this needs to be told to my boss! Maybe she will get her old job back?

Elsa got back on her feet and swiftly ran to the bathroom. She tilted the bathroom mirror so that she could see her backside in the glossy shower cabin door. A big lump had risen on her neck, but no visible sign of “three”.

Anxiously Elsa thought “now what”?

A voice behind her answered; “Good girl! Now you are in”!

Elsa knew this was crazy thoughts but, she was happy that the little light didn’t go away. It felt comforting having a friend after all that happened. -Even if it was all pretend!

-It hurts, Elsa said to the light entity, without turning. “It will for a week” the light replied. “You can now shift, from body to energy at any time”. The light seemed sure and Elsa tried to vision what she saw earlier. Yes! It was all here without her having to press the “3” but, not as clear as before. Questions in her head began to pop up, she had so many questions.

Energy? You said, I saw energy? -Elsa felt like she stumbled upon something great and was waiting for the Nobel prize.

-Yes… everything is energy, in your mind at least, the light replied.

-What is “3”? Elsa continues, still watching herself in the mirror and her neck hurt so much, she didn’t want to let her hair down. Actually it hurt so much that she even didn’t want to move. Any effort she made, made the burning pain increase.

-Three is The fourth dimensional gateway!

The light answered quickly and that gave Elsa some kind of reassurance.

-Maybe, this was true? She thought.

Elsa felt she needed to investigate the truth in all this and wanted to test the light entity that she suspected could be herself as a multiple personality. With a sneaky thought “if this is me, I will not have the answer” Elsa turned the faucet on and washed her heating face with her free hand and asked;

-What is four dimensions?

The light bumped into Elsa again…-The fourth dimension is communication!

Elsa turned around, to put her little light to the final test “aha! -The fourth dimension is an object or construction happening inside a 3D object”! She was so determined to kill this fantasy, that she forgot about the pain. Elsa turned around and saw something she only heard about or had seen on YouTube. Behind her stood, a terrifying giant “humanized” male ant! Elsa lost her balance and this “thing” grabbed her before she fell.

-What did you call me? It replied on her thoughts.

Elsa grinned -You are a big giant ant and I need to be submitted to an asylum for psychologically ill!

Now, this is not a fairy tale so Elsa do not faint and end up marrying an ant. She kind of wished that this could be what was happening but, this thing only caught her in her fall and said “I am not the marrying type…”!

-You can not think anymore without someone listening. The creature continued.

-And I am not an animal or creature!

Elsa felt the steady arms holding her. She couldn’t for her life, stop thinking about Ally McBeal, Sex and the City and her role play with Barbie, as a child!

-What’s your name, Elsa hiss. The light entity answer “K’tarus”. -I am your guide!

Elsa never felt so much alive in her life, she looks at the thing that caught her and closes one of her eyes, she let her mind wander…-maybe with less of that beak-looking mouth?

K’tarus widen his eyes… -Elsa, I am your guide, I hear what you are thinking! -Its not a beak for J’thus sake!

Elsa found her in this weird situation and asked “why the J’ as in J’ska as she heard in her head earlier or J’thus or K’ as K’tarus or C’ as in C’thulus”?

K’tarus says -“in four dimensions “J” is a female, “K” is male and “C” is city. “”.

K’tarus continues, -it is easy, the first letter or number are significant to gender, city and land. -We count backwards, then comes planets, gateway’s and maps. After this, we use numbers first and letters second. The combination of numbers and letters together are actually a tool to deploy electrons through users minds together. -This mean, Elsa… that your thoughts can be used as building material!

Elsa looked at this thing, heard its low humming, buzzing voice and just wanted to fall asleep in his arms. K’tarus carefully helped Elsa to sit down. As he sat beside her on his knees, he took her hand and said “don’t go anywhere without me”, I’m not the only species here not belonging on earth and whatever you do, don’t tell your former boss, keep away from him and everyone you know from your old office!

Elsa saw that K’tarus was serious, that meant that “3” was actually not something they tried to keep a secret, “3” was a threat and she belonged to it!

Author: Christine Djerf