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One of the ways through which hijackers take control of computers is by adding different types of extensions to web browsers. These may be in the form of toolbars, advertising applications that display pop-ups and other potentially unwanted programs. ZHPCleaner is designed to clean such malicious programs to remove browser referrals and restore proxy settings.

Using ZHPCleaner

We downloaded and launched ZHPCleaner directly since it did not need any installation. However, when we launched it for the first time and accepted the terms of use, it created its shortcut on the desktop, which pointed to a sub-folder that it had created in the “Roaming” folder in the “AppData” directory.

The graphical user interface featured three prominent buttons for performing application tasks. On the right part of the application window were buttons for closing the software, undoing changes, seeking assistance, participating in forum and getting basic information about the software.

When we clicked the “Scanner” button, the program closed open web browsers before continuing with the scanning process. It displayed what it was scanning below the three buttons and a progress bar on the lower part. To the right of these details, the software displayed the number of problems found and progress in percentage.

When ZHPCleaner found a proxy server, it asked us if we had installed it before taking any action. Once it had completed the installation process, it displayed a pop-up window showing us the number of items found. Right-clicking on an item gave us more details, but our computer had to be connected to the internet and the details were in French. The items were in different categories depending on their natures.

When we clicked the “Repair” button, the program opened a window that listed all the problems found with check boxes to their left, which were checked by default. Tabs on the upper part let us display the problems in different categories, including file, folder, key, value, browser, task, service and data. Three buttons on the lower side gave us the option to uncheck, validate or repair.

The “Report” button displayed the cleaning report using our default text file viewer. We could undo the changes made by clicking the button marked “Cancel.” We had to click the “I agree” button on the pop-up screen that appeared for the program to undo the changes. We confirmed that by undoing the changes and rescanning. It displayed the problems once more. We scanned a third time and repaired the problems without undoing and restarted our system, and the problems did not show up during the next scan.


ZHPCleaner is a handy program for detecting and removing malicious applications installed on web browsers. In addition to removing potentially unwanted programs, the cleaner also removes legitimate but unnecessary software that slow down systems.

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