“Try MuseScore instead”

Reviewer: -Gerry

Review Date: 2014-03-11

Pros: If you don’t trust LMMS or find it limited, Why not try MuseScore, which is listed on this site? It’s 100% free and open-source, does not install any malware or unwanted toolbars, and has a wide range of features for creating and playing back all kinds of music. Instead of standard MIDI output, it uses soundfonts to produce the sound (one of them comes with the program, but others are readily available), and the output can be recorded to audio files. Some users have written complete symphonies in the program.

Cons: After using this program for nearly 2 years and completing 237 scores with it, I can’t think of any major drawbacks. Version 2 is currently under development.

Other Thoughts: You can also use the MuseScore-formatted files produced by this app to share your sheet music on the musescore.com website and get feedback from other musicians about it. There’s also a good support forum on a separate website.

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