July 5, 2020


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LMT Anti Logger 4.4

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Reviewed on May 27, 2020

Third-party software logging of system components in any form endangers your security. Guarding against such activity is paramount to both your privacy and security. You need the protection of an anti-keylogger tool to prevent spyware from capturing the keyboard activity – including the username and passwords that may enable hackers to access your bank, credit card, and other such accounts.

In addition to blocking key loggers, screen, clipboard, and webcam loggers from stealing data, free LMT Anti Logger also helps to prevent your PC from spyware, viruses, and trojan attacks. You will also be enabled to secure your payments when shopping online, get a password manager, have a registry guard, and protect various other Windows 10 functions and features.

  • Protects your system in real-time from loggers, viruses, and trojans
  • Notifies immediately of any password theft attempt
  • Guards every part of the system – registry, clipboard, webcam, browser, DNS, microphone
  • Scans for viruses using heuristic, AI, VirusTotal, and/or Yara rules.
  • Provides single click anti-logging enabling/disabling
  • Enables a secure browser environment
  • Supports Chrome, MS Edge Chromium, and Mozilla Firefox
  • Uses machine learning for malware detection

Additionally, you are provided with a password manager, security for online shopping and payment, and a folder guard.

Upon launching LMT Anti Logger, you’ll find a simple interface providing button access to screens for the individual functions and on/off toggles for one-click protection including Anti Keylogger, Anti Clipboard logger, and Anti Screen logger, Microphone Guard, DNS Guard, and more. The buttons which feature comprehensive images give you access to the Scanner, Password Manager, Shopping Security, Basic Firewall, and Folder Guard. Menu buttons including ‘Settings’ and ‘Windows Security’ are located at the right bottom of the interface.

The Scanner detects any software that exhibits malicious intent and the screen enables you to use any of the alternative scanners on the system. The Password Manager interface provides for you to type in your username, password, address, and required information for specific URLs, and a similar process is used to set up information in the Folder Guard.

By default, you have auto real-time anti-keylogger protection. The Settings menu allows you to check boxes to add malware and Trojan protection, and use of AI, heuristic and/or Yara rules. Language selection is also available here. The Windows Security interface provides on/off toggles for all the various features Windows 10 provides to ensure your security.

Detection screens provide full information on the relevant software detected along with ‘Open Folder,’ ‘Allow,’ ‘Allow and add exclusions,’ and ‘Delete’ buttons.

In terms of security, LMT Anti Logger functions as a secondary layer to the software you normally use to protect your system to prevent spyware, and provides a range of customizable options. As efficient anti-keylogger software, the innovative tool is designed to protect privacy and provide security on a 64-bit Windows 10 system.

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