July 6, 2020


Webstynx News

EiffelStudio 19.05.103187 / 20.05.104470 Beta

EiffelStudio is a full-featured IDE for the Eiffel programming language.


  • Complete compiler for the Eiffel programming language, with both high compile-time speed and high-performance executables
  • Support for Windows, MacOS X, Linux, *BSD, Solaris and other operating systems
  • Smart code editor
  • Sophisticated multi-view browsing and viewing facilities
  • Interactive debugger
  • Graphical modelling tool for UML and BON with full roundtrip
  • Refactoring support
  • GUI development tool and fully portable GUI library

The Eiffel compiler creates C code that is then handed to a standard C compiler. As a result, Eiffel programs have a run-time performance comparable to those directly written in C or C++. At the same time, Eiffel is an object-oriented and strongly typed language. EiffelStudio uses a highly efficient compacting garbage collector to free the developer from the burden of memory management. Freeware Files

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