July 7, 2020


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GnuCash 4.0

“A sensible alternative to expensive double-entry accounting software”

Reviewer: -compmend

Review Date: 2018-07-18

Pros: Opensource, stable, double-entry accounting software. This is one of the easiest to use double-entry accounting software packages available on the market and it is free. The G.U.I. is well laid out and makes it easy to get an overview of your accounts, if you have one account or a hundred accounts. The documentation is second to none.

Cons: Double-entry accounting in my opinion is the best and easiest way to manage money, but, many cannot seem to grasp the concepts used because they are foreign to them, that can make this kind of software seem overwhelming and useless.

Other Thoughts: I would suggest that someone who is interested in using Gnucash go onto Youtube and watch tutorials on the basics of using Gnucash to manage your finances. I have been using the software daily for years and I would be lost without it.

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