July 15, 2020


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Quick Access Popup 10.5.2

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Quick Access Popup is heralded as the productivity app that will save you thousands of minutes making it easier than ever to switch between folders. While it’s hard to say if it’ll really save you this much time, it does certainly make it easier to go from one folder to the next with very little effort. From adding your own folders to including over 50 folders that are essential to Windows, such as ‘My Computer’ and ‘Downloads,’ this program is easy to work with and customize.

Using Quick Access Popup

For a surprisingly complex program, the download and installation is quick and effortless. After downloading the program, you’ll be able to access it either with an icon at the bottom-right of the screen or right-clicking any icon on your desktop. There are a few great things that Quick Access Popup does, but the main tool is helping you go from one folder or program to the next.

When the menu appears, you’ll see a list of commonly used folders and programs near the middle. Click on any of these to immediately open them, which takes significantly less time than launching them the traditional way. There will also be a section labeled ‘My Special Folders.’ This section includes all of the big folders that contain important system information. You can add these folders to the main section of your menu to make them easier to launch.

Customizing the menu only takes a few seconds. Open the program for a text-based representation of the menu with all of the folders and programs that are currently listed in Quick Access Popup. Just click the section you wish to change and swap it for a new folder or program. For example, you can easily switch Notepad for Photoshop and the C Drive folder for an external hard drive folder. You can also add links to the menu if you commonly access any websites for your work.

There’s a section on the menu called ‘My QAP Essentials.’ Even though the ability to switch menus is great, I feel like this is one of the best sections for saving time. The Switch command allows you to bring any of your open programs to the front, Reopen a Folder does the same but with folders, Recent Folders is a collection of folders that have recently been opened, Clipboard shows everything in your clipboard and the Drives section shows all of the drives on your computer. You can use this to access nearly anything that is open or has recently been opened to quickly switch from one thing to another with minimal effort.


While it may not seem like much at first, Quick Access Popup actually does save you a significant amount of time and effort once you get used to it. From unlimited customization to having the ability to focus on any folder or program that you want, this program will definitely improve your productivity if you’re the kind who has numerous programs and folders open simultaneously. If you only switch between a few folders or programs, then you may not see too much of a difference in your productivity.

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