July 3, 2020


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Police Protests Against Castaner’s Announcements Continue in Paris – Videos

Another nighttime police protest took place in Paris, this time in front of the Bataclan theatre.

As usual, officers were seen throwing their handcuffs on the ground in a symbolic gesture and singing the French national anthem, La Marseilles.

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French officers protest against Castaner’s announcements in front of the Bataclan on 26-27 June 2020

On 8 June, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner triggered anger among the French police after he announced that the practice of strangulation during an arrest will be abandoned in France and vowed to systematically suspend officers suspected of racism.

Bans of excessive police force have become central demands of worldwide protests sparked the police killing of black man George Floyd in Minneapolis, United States.

Protesters in France are some of the most aggressive and regularly engage in fisticuffs with the police, making police unions outwardly support keeping the controversial technique in place.

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