July 15, 2020


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At Least 15 Taliban Members Killed, 6 Injured NATO Forces in South Afghanistan

“Taliban insurgents in the Siasang Valley of Kandahar’s Arghandab district wanted to attack security forces at around 11:00 p.m. [18:00 GMT on Friday], the International Security Assistance Force (IS) launched an airstrike on them and 15 killed and six others were injured”, the press office said.

In a separate incident in the Maroof district, six Taliban members were killed in clashes with security forces.

© AP Photo / Mohammad Anwar Danishyar
Aug. 12, 2018, photo, Afghan security personnel patrol in the city of Ghazni province west of Kabul, Afghanistan. A Taliban assault on Ghazni, a key city linking areas of Taliban influence barely 75 miles from Kabul, has killed about 100 Afghan policemen and soldiers since Friday, the Afghan Defense Ministry said

Moreover, in the east of Afghanistan, two armed Taliban were killed and four others were injured in clashes that erupted after the militants attacked security posts.

“Last night, Taliban insurgents attacked security and defence checkpoints in Qassaban, Dewi and Manozai areas of the Alishang district of Laghman province. Two Taliban insurgents were killed and four others were injured in the clash”, Laghman police spokesman Shafiullah Afghanyar told Sputnik.

No Afghan security forces were killed or wounded in the incident in Laghman. The Taliban have not commented on the attacks.

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