July 13, 2020


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Music Collection 3.2.5

If you have or plan to have a sizeable collection of music, then Music Collection will help you archive and manage your albums easily. You can use the software to enter information about any type of music media or edit the information you have already entered. It saves all media found on your album, including all tracks and their respective lyrics.

However, you do not necessarily have to manually enter relevant details, as the program can automatically gather the details online. You may then display or print the information in different formats. For example, you may display information using images or in grid format. You can create multiple music collections from different types of music media depending on your preferences.

Since Music Collection saves its database in Microsoft Access format, you do not have to open the program to use the database. You may also export the details to HTML file. It makes it easy to scan the details of an album presenting items on a single page, which include album cover, tracks, duration, lyrics, artists and notes.

Music collection makes it easy to search for and find specific album tracks using various criteria, and you can make the process even easier using filters.

You can use the program to manage different types of information, including artist biography, best albums and list of composers and singers. It can also help you to manage album loans.

An added bonus is the ability to change the appearance of your program selecting any of the 30 skins.

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