July 13, 2020


Webstynx News

DSpeech 1.73.216

DSpeech is a stand-alone program of Text To Speech, specifically designed to provide quickly and directly the functions of better practical usefulness, that are requested for this type of program. It’s completely portable and uses minimal resources.

The capital features of DSpeech are:

  1. It allows to save the output as a Wav or Mp3 file.
  2. It allows to select quickly different voices and to combine them between themselves, in order to create dialogues between some voices.
  3. It allows to configure the voices in an independent way.
  4. Thanks to apposite TAG, it allows to change dinamically the features of the voices during the reproduction (speed, volume and frequency), to insert pauses, to emphasize some words or to spell.
  5. It allows to capture and reproduce the content of the ClipBoard.
  6. It’s compatible with all modern vocal engines SAPI 5 compliant.

Note: Interface translation packs and voices in languages other than English are available for download from the developer’s website.

DSpeech uses the vocal engines installed on system, default Windows XP has only Microsoft SAM.

However, the better vocal engines come from Acapela, RealSpeak, Loquendo and VoiceWare. Freeware Files

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